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Correct. I can assure you it DOES.

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If you're riding an 84 husky CR125 and you stall the motor going up a steep hill, but to your delight, find it running again after you roll backwards a couple of feet... What does the bike do when you rev it up and dump the clutch to giver another try? ... more »

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Agreed. I don't blame the thousands of 4 stroke riders! A 500 is a lot of bike to handle. Not everyone is built for the more horsepower and torque or lighter weight of 500 2 stroke! It's perfectly okay to ride a less powerful, heavier 450, but for me, ... more »

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In 2021 I dont think the blowout websites are going to be able to sell the 9 sets left of the 10 they made (1 used for photos) even at 90% off after they tried for months at 70 then 80 off. This is worse than the polka dots TLD stuff.

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It's hard to tell if real or PS, but I zoomed in and if you look close the head stay doesn't line up.

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I have 4 or 5 hydro dip kits here I would sell for a loss just to get them out of my garage. I would have to go out tomorrow and look at what graphics are in each kit. If interested just PM me.

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I have a regular express with a bench behind the front seats and the bikes fit straight. Its a passenger van so the seat is a little farther forward than conversion vans, but there is still plenty of legroom. Bikes fit with an inch to spare. perfect ... more »

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Ive got a crazy one for you. I just found a 752 I had for decades. It has been in several different locations in all temps from 10-100. I just put it on my YZ250 and thought it would be a waste of time since it might last one ride. I have ridden four ... more »

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Kill two birds with one stone. If everyone doesnt want Ronnie to race, then do the song and dance, fundraising etc. and sign him up... BUT let Marvin sneak out on his bike and everyone gets what they want and MARVIN gets his sweet revenge!!!! Go Marvin ... more »

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It's not RIDING that makes you old. It's NOT riding that makes you old.

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That entire video is an instant classic! I LOVE it. Just leave it on loop at any corporate fundraising party. You can tell this is not Evil Knievel since there were no spectators and he didn't bail as soon as it started to sketch.

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No grudge, but I am OK with AMF not making Harley MX bikes again. The one I had was not new and it had constant multiple issues. I also had a 95 and a few 96 CR250's all great bikes. Not sure what this has to do with the AMF Harley...

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OH I hope NOT! I spent more time working on the pile than riding. Seriously. Made by AMF. turd. Ditched it quickly.

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Good old Rubber band starts! We used to race at Laurel Indiana off a rubber band start in the early 90's and I remember Aaron Plessinger's dad Scott starting BACKWARDS on the line for some reason and still pulled the holeshot. Lots of locals considered ... more »

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I found a secret spy photo of the latest advancement in 4 stroke pipe technology. As research evolved they have discovered peak performance.

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I've been supporting for 30 years and a bit more than $55. Been in the industry and even helped several riders so... I just want to watch the 125 races somewhere. Anywhere. Willing to pay to see them. To me there is no better racing or a more fun ride ... more »

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Steinke Where's the T shirts? ! PayPal is waiting....

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Stank dog is one of a kind. There's nobody else like him and I hope he never changes. #wedontneednomorerobotsgostankdog!

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You could say that partnering with drug dealing, thieving criminals is bad enough, but partnering with thugs that actually STEAL from the base that built the brand is as dirty as it gets. Basically they are saying F You Guys. It would be hard to support ... more »