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It looks like Fox 21 line is already in Australia, but no mention from Fox? Sorry for the Instagram link, it just appeared on my timeline. Here is the new FOX MY21 line already in one of the dealers in Australia

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New bike looks amazing, and it looks like Honda listens! Well done. But mainly as an amateur on a bike but pro in design sphere, I like the way they present new bikes. They've put some time into explaining and comparing, supported with visuals for better

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Sorry to twist the thread here but anyone here compared 100% Racecraft / Armega with Fox Vue goggles? I have a good deal here on Fox Vue's right now and the system to switch the lenses on Vue's is sooo cool. I tried that one out, its pretty easy. I've ... more »

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Taken from "Kris Keefer reported on the Pulp MX show that Suzuki has fired the people from the Research & Development department in America. With this, the brand from Hamamatsu has dissolved its R&D department in the USA. It means ... more »

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That's a great great looking bike. WOW. Reminds me a little of Mathias Belino's ORC Honda (pictured). I have a Honda CRE250 02 2stroke I want to build (as far as design goes) similar to these bikes.

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Never seen such a color of plastic for Husqvarna before. I assume it will be either black with decals on them or painted? Anyway, its pretty cool looking setup and very unique approach to go racing. Good luck!

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Just WOW!!!

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Hey, great build man! Been collecting parts for my CR 250 2002 HM, that I want to build this winter. Also ordered same rear brake disc guard as you from Pro-Carbon. Just wanted to ask if your is the same cheap quality as mine. It feels very thin and

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You see lots of spoiled kids these days in his age on the streets, in schools, at MX tracks..., Usually parent's fail to raise their kids up like they suppose to, they gave them everything but didn't want anything back... Adam had everything when he

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Very good thread. Always in camel/hydro bag for trail riding. But if I ride without it or alone on an MX track (most of the time riding MX with someone), i usually have it attached to that velcro strap holding those soft pads inside the pants. When I ... more »

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Just found this article on the newly built motocross centre in Lommel in Belgium. It basically serves as an alternative for teams/privateers to work & live from, while training there during the season and off-season. Great idea! ... more »

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I would like to get more info on that carb mode you have done. Which Keihin Carb did you actually use and why? Did you have to modify the air boot as well? I have 02 cr 250, not sure how different it is to a 2005 carb/boot, but I've seen good few people ... more »

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I don't remember too many videos where a rider is challenging 450 this much

Top notch ride
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Do you think you can elaborate a little bit more? I am interested in this topic. I have 02 CRE 250 (HM) where there is a little more in terms of electrics. The ignition module is currently mounted to the frame from outside (zip tied) just under the side ... more »

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I've seen good few guys here using VHM golden head. Anyone here knows what exactly is the improvement from the OEM? They say better overal performance, maybe cooling(?) Does it mean it can help smoothing out the power range, also helping the bottom end ... more »

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I used to do some hobby snowboarding and mx photography a while back and what I learned going through some gear is that the camera is 'not that important' as oppose to the lens selection. Entry level cameras nowadays are so good that 10 years back a

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Thanks for sharing the link. I've seen that thread and thats basically the 'only' thing on the internet related to that theme. But it is mostly discussing the old CRE's which I believe where even more trick than the later models like 03 cre. I cant find ... more »

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Hi all. I am interested in buying a decent 2003 Honda CR 250 HM (known as CRE in US?) from a local guy (I am located in Europe - Slovakia), and would like to make a little build from it, meaning a little engine work, suspension and a little refresh to ... more »

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