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Rumor is that it will be different than the ‘21 but similar to the ‘23.

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Nothing official on Forkner??

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Not the fastest. Most powerful.

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GasGas.......Big whoop. KTM over exposure.

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A lot of people like me won’t see it as a big deal given the bikes just a KTM and not a truly new bike.

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The new helmet looks like the original but is modern in every other way. I love mine.

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First place in Swaps shootout.

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The ‘21 KX revs to the moon almost like a 2-stroke. Almost!

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I believe they’ get on the ‘21 tomorrow. Should see on social media.

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Enough with the freaking KTMs. Great bikes but there’s enough already. We need more choices, not less.

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I heard from a fairly reliable source that they use slightly less tire pressure in the Gas Gas than the KTM/Husky siblings. 😬

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The thing about JS is that his results have just not been great the last two seasons. He put the Kawi and Suk on the ground too often. Throw in the whinny, finger pointing attitude and it’s not hard to understand why some teams would not be overly excited ... more »

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I really don’t care if it’s new or not. Just said it’s possible and gave the information that supports why I said that.

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Sounds like a great bike. Kawasaki has really hit a home run with this latest chassis.

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All the magazines are riding the new bike today. Should get impressions over the next few days.

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First Generation 2005-2008. Second Generation 2009-2011. Third Generation 2012-2015. Fourth Generation 2016-2018. Fifth Generation 2019-Present. Yes