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Snocross is great. Just guessing, bh84 has not spent much time riding sleds. you don't know what your missing out on.

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I thought once you raced C class at Loretta Lynn's you were immediately advanced to B class following the race. The same guy that won the C class at Loretta's has now won C class at the Mini O's. Time for the ole' boy from Texas to put his big boy pants ... more »

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I've raced some amateur SX years ago when they would have rounds at Pontiac, Indy, and Cleveland. They used to do a decent job taming the track down. Since 2010 my son and I have raced he amateur race at Daytona. MX Sports does a great job at shortening ... more »

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Its obviously going to get rough as hell. But the track looks pretty tame for the most part. Haven't raced Gatorback since the late 90s. Would like to get back there for a race.

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Bubba can not keep it on two Wheels. JG33 does not crash every Saturday night after putting down a fast lap in qualifying during the day.

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I like how everyone blames Tomac's position on a "mechanical" failure in Dallas. Tomac would never have had that "mechanical" if he had not crashed. That is what caused the mechanical. So once again, you have to keep the bike on two wheels. Some of the ... more »

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Private property on both sides of the highway. He never was on the I would be surprised to know what the actual law is that he could be charged with.

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Wonder how much else from the original design has changed. I never did think the start on the end by the garages would work for amateur day because of all the staging.

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I would bet he does not even show up at Daytona, and he lives an hour away.

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The "privateer" bike thing cracks me up. I posted in the other thread about his bike. Wilson seemed to do pretty well on a bike working out of the back of his Sprinter. Does not take $20K in Ti to make a bike competitive. Most of anything you need to ... more »

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Cracks me up the people that are total Stewart Fanboys and don't look at anything with common sense. Everything I read, Mookie priced himself out of any ride he was going to be offered. He won a 250 Championship and thought he was going to sign a contract ... more »

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Bubba is DONE! No way he ever shows up at Daytona as his first race out of the box in a while. We have seen the last of Bubba on a gate. It does surprise me, with the Seven Brand though that he is not at the races promoting his company. That is very ... more »

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Agree on the LL comments. They have no huge gap jumps. Kind of like the Daytona SX. They build both the tracks safe, but yet still fun. The last thing MX Sports wants with these big races are a lot of people laying on the track hurt slowing down the ... more »

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That design for the start surprises me with the Amateur SX. With the start on the other end, they were able to keep staging away from the garages, and fans. They also had support trailers on the area that will be right behind the start area. So will ... more »

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My son just got one. Had to go up a size. They seem to run very small.

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It is a joke what they make in purse money. Everyone that makes the show should get some sort of start money, and then purse money after that. I also think they should move the fastest riders in the 250 class up to the 450 class. Make the 250 class more ... more »

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Totally agree with you. I said that he would be lucky to hit the gate at A1 2019, if at all. Just being realistic. He has a VERY serious injury that he may never be able to take the chance of falling off a motorcycle again. That's just the facts. Racing ... more »

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He will not keep the #7. Just like RC, when he did not score points, his number went to Baggett. Webb is wearing McGraths number. Numbers move on. As for returning to Daytona. Just my opinion, but I think that would be disaster for Bubba to return to ... more »

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I've always run the Cycra Power flow shrouds. I liked that they were one piece instead of two like the stock shrouds. They get a lot of rocks and dirt clods through them, and the bottom of the airbox needs cleaned out a lot. They are also a little of ... more »

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And Consistency still wins Championships in both..........Mr. Dungey. The Jimmy Johnson of Supercross.