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My 13 SX 250

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That is still my go to tire! Got a new one in the garage to put on my KX450 next week!

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I always run my age, which graphics every year!

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Glad our tracks never really shut down. Of course, the closest one is still 2 hours away.....

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Gen 1, big time!

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Does not sound like the coolant is actually circulating. I would change coolant, refill with a mix of engine ice and straight distilled water (nothing cools better than distilled water). Make sure the coolant is "burped" correctly to make sure air is ... more »

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Stepped in and out of the mx scene 5 times now in the last 50 years (63 now). Took last year off, gets tougher to come back each time. Harder when you feel your skill set slipping away...

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Don't know if these guys make one for your bike or not, but I just put a Big Gun system on my 2015 KX450. Sounds like some NASCAR shit, awesome!

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Bro, you need to go here... Go West on I-10

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I have been an avid ear plug user for at least the last 30 (of my 50) years of riding. I make it a point to ask fellow riders if they use hearing protection or not. I am stunned at the numbers of riders who have never even considered wearing them. They ... more »

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62 years old, have been racing for 50 years now. I have read thru every post on this thread and every one is legit. The changes in the society of this country alone are enough to ever keep the sport from becoming anything like it was back in the day. ... more »

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Nothing like disappearing for a couple of days with just a gun and a sleeping bag
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Thanks! That pic was taken at a track in Big Spring Texas, summer of 75. I was racing that bike and a 75 Bultaco 360 pursing in the Open class, hence the Bultaco jersey!

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My 75 75! Would love to have this one!

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Same here!

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I just picked up one myself today. I also got the warranty. Girl said the only problems she has seen anyone have with them is an occasional problem with the nozzles. She said "Bring it back, we will give you another one!" WTH.

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I was racing in the Vet class back in 1988, on an 87 Honda CR500. Still the single best, most competitive race bike I have ever owned. Can you imagine owning a bike that you had to put a Pro Circuit exhaust on, just to tame it down?

Turn 62 ... more »
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Guess I can toss the magnifying glass I had to use to read the print issue...

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at least until I finished my 04 125 project! Most fun bike ever to throw into a corner...