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This. By far the best business i've dealt with in the MX industry. Very good communication and actually gives a crap.

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Lemons MX. Sounds fun.

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2015 Wr450f. Bought as a left over in 2017 when I got back into riding. Bike had the gytr pipe, throttle stop and new Ecu. Heavy pig, too much power in tight woods and didn’t want to start occasionally. Sold it for a $2000 loss and was able to get a ... more »

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Go buy a new Honda for that price...

Added reply in a thread Cash vs finance on new bikes? 2/23/2019 12:46 PM

I'm in the camp of never finance a toy.

Added reply in a thread Good OTD price on 2018 ktm 350sxf 2/20/2019 5:47 PM

Local dealer is $6999 + Taxes. (Babbits in Muskegon, MI)

Added reply in a thread villopoto is perhaps 2/20/2019 5:00 PM

This. I'm excited every month when my wife tells me she has one.

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Got the rear fender installed and the chain adjusters bolts replaced. Exhaust side, i need to hold off on getting the number plate installed until the exhaust is on. Need to start looking for options, i really like the Jemco, however reviews and lead

... more »
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Posted up here a bit ago and guess it's not showing up? Got the back wheel mounted last night, was missing a few things on the brakes and had to buy a rear brake plate to get a couple bushings that went missing. Got that done Friday and the wheel put

... more »
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I could see doing the rear fender and side number plates maybe, but this as a whole is a downgrade to the mid 00s RM

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I ignore them or reply no thanks. If I respond and they respond with another low ball I ignore. Not worth my time and cheap asses from Craigslist are generally the kind who will start throwing insults which is just annoying. Not worth fueling the fire. ... more »

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Ton of people at king of the hammers this week. May post on the fb page and see if anyone could help.

Added reply in a thread Left over 250F prices, CRF250R? 2/4/2019 11:41 AM

I've always ended up with Titled bikes, just because of the deals i've landed, exception being used bikes that i've never re-titled in my name. My dad hasn't had any issues and has done it on a few bikes and a UTV, you end up with a MSO so you're not ... more »

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Babbits (western Michigan) has a 2018 for $5899. Pay no taxes being out of state. Last year they had a 2017 for $4,999, for me being local would have been $5900 OTD so sure there are some fees wrapped up in there. Buying out of state is your friend. ... more »

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No Fan Fest at Detroit...That sucks

Added reply in a thread Project bikes: how much is too much? 1/30/2019 10:58 AM

What i've learned on my YZ125 build, price of the bike was maybe 15-20% of what i've put into it. I could have done it cheaper, re-used some parts, but i wanted to utilize NOS parts (where it made sense) and have a new bike from the ground up. Bike maybe

... more »
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What was the reason for delay in shipping they gave? I've been using them for my KTM 690, now my Beta and have had zero issues. Pricing is very competitive before their coupon codes and parts show up within 2-3 days unless they don't have it in stock. ... more »

Started new thread 1981 Husqvarna 250 CR - $2000 - Muskegon, MI 1/20/2019 3:39 AM

Purchased this 81 Husky last year thinking about racing vintage mx. Life has changed a bit and not planning on racing vintage anymore and wanting to clear up some garage space. Overall bike is complete and in good condition. I've ridden it around the

... more »

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Progress! Bars mounted and front wheel installed tonight.