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Exhaust took work to get them on the bikes. Article on the 2 bikes (Same guy has a nice matching YZ100): Hoses and radiators are these which a few guys on here looked to have run. They have a

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Headed to start my honeymoon tomorrow after work! In preparation for 8 days away from work & home: - Suspension is at Noleens for a rebuild and some hard anodizing - Engine is at Tom Morgan Racing for a rebuild - Gas tank is off at JSD racing for

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Looking for a upgrade to a DLS front brake for my 83 YZ125 i'm rebuilding. Needs to the be 1oclock position. Hoping to find one fairly quick as i'm about ready to powder coat the hubs minus these.

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But when you read dozens of "internet horror stories" there has to be some truth....

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Hard to tell what you're looking at since you deleted the texts in your posts..... You're looking at 6+ year old bikes based on your more recent posts. It all comes down to if it was maintained and how it was used during its life. Being a better year ... more »

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Dropped my frame & triple clamps off for powder coat last week. Thought i would have a week or two before I got them back, took 2 days on the frame & upper triple clamp, and less than a day on the other triple clamp i had to do some work on first.

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I sent him an email about a full rebuild of my engine for a 83 YZ125 i'm restoring, no reply. Then saw on his website a week or so later for a quick response please call/text so i texted thinking he would respond when he had a break in what he was doing. ... more »

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There is. I've rented bikes out there before (KTM's) and headed out next week with a Jeep rental for a day and to finally go into Arches since i've been going on 4 times and never been there

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Correct. Which seems a bit high, but i've also never torn deep into these motors before either to know whats involved & costs associated. That is part of the reason i'm holding off on building it until i can dedicate time to see if this is any where ... more »

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I did get pricing from him. I completely forgot i ran across him somewhere else and shot him an email last week. Labor is a bit high, he didn't give me pricing on parts. My other quote i received had about $650-$700 in parts, which puts both quotes around ... more »

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I have not. I have given up trying to find some one to rebuild the motor at the moment. Communication out of engine builders is absolutely terrible, not a clue how any of them stay in business with such poor customer service. As of now, i think i'm going ... more »

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Dropped off the frame & upper triple clamp at powder coating during my lunch break today. The coater estimated it would be ready for pick up in the next 2 weeks. I think I decided against the white tank after all I went through to get it

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Project 1 of the bike is complete. Carburetor Rebuild. I used the Keyster kit from Ebay. Seller accidentally had the auction listed for 2 so he refunded half of my money. 2 parts did not fit my bike, guessing it was for the earlier model bikes (kit was

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Ditto. I'm doing an 83 125 and can't find anywhere for black excel rims.

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Tank is on it's way.

Should be here between 3-10 days. Ended up being a way smoother transaction than I suspected. Bike is down to a frame, motor, radiators and triple clamps. Hoping we have time to get it the rest of the way torn ... more »
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I believe I found a white gas tank that is restorable. Problem is, you have to be in NZ or Australia to purchase. Is anyone on here willing to help me out? I'll gladly pay pal you friends and family so you don't have to worry about losing money on your ... more »

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Since i moved to Michigan, I've been itching for a new project but never had the place to do so. Well I purchased a house last August and got married end of December. A few weeks ago, i decided a bike would be fun to build. It took me all of 4 seconds

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