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KTM 690/Husky 701 for commuter duties. Great maintenance schedule compared any other options that aren't gutless. I believe KTM is bringing back the SMC for 2019 and Husky has the supermoto option as well. Only downside is ~10-11k however very good resell ... more »

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Started to work on the bike again recently. Fiasco of trying to get the suspension back turned me off on the project for a bit. Over 6 months start to finish... Got the radiators from GPI, not quiet as thick as the originals so had to get some aluminum

... more »
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Why does it matter? As long as states keep voting to make it legal censoring is useless. It's going to continue to be a controversial topic that will be discussed regardless of a little sticker on a side of a dirt bike.

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Have you considered trying the craigslist missed connections to reconnect?

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What stops you from going to a dealer (or online), stealing a VIN # from the frame of a FE and then walking to the parts counter with said VIN #?

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This looks more fun [embed] /embed]

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I'm in the boat for paying cash and never finance a toy.

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Redbull TV was a 15 minute show...Well that sucks. Get better coverage for KOH than that.

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This is what my dad did

Started looking when i was 9, never could find a decent used XR80 for me. One day he's poking around in the newspaper and finds the bike he was looking for that was a steal. Calls the guy, he knocks even more off and ... more »
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Just ran across this.

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You could probably kick off a 2019 weight loss thread on here an get everyone whose in the same boat as you to post up and hold each other accountable. Has worked well on another forum i'm on.

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Unless your overweight by a ton, i'd drop down. I had a uncorked 2015 WR450F for 1 season when i got back into riding. Bike was absolutely terrible for me. Fighting it constantly, never got comfortable on it and it flat wore me out. Replaced that with ... more »

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Beta Xtrainer. Love my new bike i bought towards the end of last season. Rides like a 4 stroke, but loves to lug. Doesn't have that 2 stroke hit which is nice for the trails. Solid pull off idle til it signs off. Has a lower seat height due to the 10% ... more »

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You don't get a trophy that way

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$588 for 15 gallons isn't that bad when you put it in perspective. $39.2 per gallon. How many gallons do you go thru in a weekend between practices & the races? I suspect in the long game, fuel is a very minor expense. You don't have to put in a ... more »

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This. I don't own a KTM, but any brand that can steal an entire market in a 15 year period is doing something right. You don't gain all of that market share without putting out a good product.

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$50 off from Lectron using code "berad"

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That may explain why is race bike is for sale on a few FB groups.

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For sale cheap?