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Call? That's a pretty quick indicator of what the OTD price would be. If you buy across state lines you can save taxes (you're responsible to pay them in your home state) and just not title the bike.

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Found this one on my local craigslist. Overpriced and dirty, but if an actual AMA bike could be a cool bit for your build if he was willing to go with a realistic price.

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Edit: SOLD Decided to try out a 2 stroke so selling my '17 YZ250F. Bike has an estimated 15-20 hours. Bike has only been ridden on the trails. I've been teaching my wife how to ride so most has been slow speeds just following her on her KLX140. I'm meticulous

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Does his sticker offend you?

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[sarcasm] This is what’s wrong with America. What happened to a punch to the face versus this slap-a-ho crap. What’s next? Yanking his weave and going on the Murray show so you can cash me outside [/sarcasm]

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Priorities #motoislife

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I used to rent cars all the time in various states for work when i was 21/22 and never had an issue. Cars were booked under our travel agency so may have given me some leeway, but never was questioned or brought up when i picked up the cars and signed ... more »

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I'd probably try to pick up an extremely low hour year old bike. I paid $5400 for my 17 YZ250F with 7 hours on it. Not a single scratch to be found on it. New would have been around $6500-7k. Picked up my wifes 2017 KLX140G with 1 ride on it, 1 tiny ... more »

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Everyone has different hobbies/passions. I used to enjoy tinkering more than i do now. I don't mind doing my oil changes, air filters, washing, chain lube, etc. Saying that, I hate working on the house (outside of mowing, can't believe i enjoy that..sucked

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To be fair, add up KTM & Husky and it's 1 off from tying for the lead.

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Welcome to the internet.

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Tom is the man. Best person i have probably ever dealt with in the dirt bike community as far as knowing how to run a business. Great communication, great turn around, price was more than competitive from the other builders i spoke to, etc. I honestly ... more »

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I just asked for black powder coat and let Tom handle the rest. Slid the forks in last night and got the fender on this morning. Finally resembling a bike again.

Struggling to track down an air box for the bike. The one i have has holes drilled ... more »
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You misspelled my name....Anyways, I'm a big enough person to realize mistakes happen and will let bygones be bygones....

....when do i pick up my new bike?
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I’m intrigued. If it’s never been outside how did it get to where it’s at now?

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Yea they charged me on the 29th. Paid and then they let it sit on their dock for 1.5 weeks...Only catching it hadn't shipped when i called for tracking info. End of the day it looks like they did a good job. Will get photos up. Everything looks brand ... more »

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Baby hands or chick hands? I think it's a chick bike.

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Wheels are finished. Tom @ Full Circle Racing was great to deal with. Quick turn around and a good price.

Suspension will supposedly be back to me on Tuesday from Noleens. Will see how it all looks when it comes in. Just over 16 weeks from ... more »
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Think i'd much rather have something along the lines of these. Gives the ability to tear down to a bare frame if you want.

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A few years back when i was apart of FSAE in college, someone accidentally coated our rotors for the race car...