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I highly doubt it, i was joking. Beta just released their 200RR.

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They do, but it's now red and for some reason they sell it in the dealerships with the Beta's

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Have you looked into a Beta offering? I just got on a Xtrainer (detuned 300rr) and it's the best woods bike i've ever owned. Suspension is lacking a bit, although stock its better than any bike i've been on. The smaller frame of the bike is nice even ... more »

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Look at Babbits in Muskegon. They had CRF250s last January for $5900 OTD. Generally have some color for under $6k. I'm 6ft and 140lbs, i lasted about 6 months before ditching my 450F. constantly fighting it, wears you out quicker, etc. I was on a 250F ... more »

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$50 off direct from Lectron by using code "berad"

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This arrived today from Greece. Now sadly sitting under the tree for the next month

... more »
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Beta has a cool e bike out for kids now as well. ~1800 if I remember right My niece (3yo)and nephew(2yo) are on an oset. Dad picked up a new one last year for a steal. Seems like a good little bike and nice you can easily manage the power.

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I picked up a beta xtrainer in August. Absolutely love it. Light and low end power for days. I did delete the oi very quickly as I had a few issues and didn’t trust it. Prior to this I always was on a Yamaha or Honda. This is also my first two stroke ... more »

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Looks like they kept with the JKU's rear doors and they don't look right. I'm on the fence, it looks about as expected tho thats for sure. Will be curious how pricing is and how they look once they're lifted. I suspect it'll be expensive enough where ... more »

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I got a sm10 a month or so ago. Local dealer had them for 400. Most I’ve ever spent on a helmet but so far absolutely love it. I was using a fox v1 and it’s a cheap pos so was in the market and it just worked out. Comes with a spare visor and decent ... more »

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This. I just sold my YZ250F for a Beta Xtrainer (300). Prior to this Beta, my experience was a KTM 200 and a YZ85 friends had growing up that i rode for a few minutes and got off because they were a PIA to ride. I had a huge concern based on my little ... more »

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If electric cars haven't taken over yet, i suspect we will have some time before electric motorcycles become the norm.

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Depends. My '17 YZ250f in Jan '18 with 7 hours and not a single scratch was $5400. Best deal on new i could find OTD was close to $7k On my Xtrainer, used would have saved me maybe $800 and that would most likely be driving 6+ hours for a bike with 50+ ... more »

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When I was shopping for my yz250f in January looking for a left over 17 they had one for a steal of a deal listed online. Once all the fees were added we were back to the a higher otd price than those not offering a sale at all. Ended up with a 7hr 2017 ... more »

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Motor could be used in kart racing, fsae, etc. With cost of a motor by itself, could be cheaper when taking into account electronics and all the parts that’d drain your wallet.

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My guess either: Betty

or Chris ... more »
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Purchased this 81 Husky early this year to start messing with vintage mx. After getting it home, found the seller wasn't totally upfront on some things and it's not in race ready shape as i was lead to believe. My fault, should have been more thorough

... more »

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My old 690 Enduro