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Where is your sense of fun? Step 1: Tell OP that you know the CEO and will pass along his phone #. Step 2: Receive OP's phone # Step 3: Post thread on another board asking for members to prank call the OP claiming to be the Harley-Davidson CEO Step 4:

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Not sure what you're looking for as far as turn around goes but my suspensions been at Noleens for about 11-12 weeks right now for my 1983 YZ125. They've been responsive and easy to get ahold of, and an issue with the shock reservoir being unable to ... more »

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Gas tank made its way back to me today. Really happy with how it came out.

Now just need to decide what i want to do for graphics. Something like this (different number plates, not a fan of these on this bike). My lower fork tubes will be anodized ... more »
Updated photo album 1983 YZ125 5/31/2018 1:39 PM
  • C48_54890224055_0e28cb7d_130d_41ac_8cf6_eeb33530bb23
  • C48_img_1317
  • C48_54068544451_569549ab_64bd_4c77_856b_2c5d4818722f

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Haven't done much to this lately, been busy every weekend and trying to ride at least once a week after work for a few hours. I had an internal fight with myself about buying another bike. You can see in the photo how that ended up going

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They have a kx250f and kx450f at advertised 5599. 2.5 months ago they quoted me 4999 on the 250f

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Local dealer was clearing out a 2017 CRF250 and KX250F for $4,999 ($5900ish OTD) a while back. Sure those bikes are long gone by now. (Babbits in Muskegon, MI) For the above prices, new IMO is a no brainer unless you can get a bike that's just been sitting ... more »

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Assuming you're talking MX? It would be dependent on the track. Doesn't cost much to try it out to see if you like it. You can also fiddle with some gearing calculators if you want to check your speed in each gear to see how much the sprocket change ... more »

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Would help to know where you’ll be living /working (downtown in a large city, country, suburbs,etc). Can’t very easily fit a f250 in a parking garage downtown, hell even a 1/2 ton won’t fit in some meaning some suv’s Won’t fit either.

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250f For me. 6ft and 145 pounds. I like the lighter bike, power that’s there without feeling I’m fighting the bike at every step. I could never get comfortable on my 450 so picked up a 250f over winter. I can see where that may not be an issue for heavier ... more »

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All I really got is a guy negotiated with me before seeing the bike. Came and got pissed I wasnt willing to negotiate (40 yr old guy had his dad negotiating for him in person...)on my bottom dollar he already negotiated. Gave a hissy fit and left. 2 ... more »

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Well this showed up on my door step today.

Can't say enough good about Tom Morgan. Great communication (phone & email) and a quick turn around. By far the best person i found when trying to find an engine builder. Spent some time ... more »
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I do this, but be careful. My wifes bike idled terribly when we bought it. It stalled going up the ramp at the point when i didn't have enough momentum to get it fully up by pushing and was in a rough spot to get it back down as i was starting to angle ... more »

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Anyone know the part # for the far right bearing that mounts to the brake rod? Mine is damaged and i'm not seeing it on the parts diagram.

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Not too many exciting things going on, but figured i'd post some sort of an update of what's been been happening. I went ahead and caved on getting the DLS setup for the front brake. One had been sitting on eBay for more than I wanted to spend. Low balled

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Looks cool just not sure about $250+ cool

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I saw it. I’ll reach out when I get back into town on the 10th.

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Exhaust took work to get them on the bikes. Article on the 2 bikes (Same guy has a nice matching YZ100): Hoses and radiators are these which a few guys on here looked to have run. They have a

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Headed to start my honeymoon tomorrow after work! In preparation for 8 days away from work & home: - Suspension is at Noleens for a rebuild and some hard anodizing - Engine is at Tom Morgan Racing for a rebuild - Gas tank is off at JSD racing for

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