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Beta Xtrainer - 50:1 Motul 710 Sherco 250 Trials - 75:1 Motul 710

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Why not get a 300 the color of your choosing?

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What’s the bike? My vintage bike, all the catalogs are wrong on the same stuff

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I have zero issues getting parts for my beta. No quicker or slower than my previous big name bikes. Difference is dealers that give a crap and help you out. Only time delivery is “slower” is if I order from a bigger named dealer who carries beta as well ... more »

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Check my 83 build thread. Someone in there mentioned in there some newer YZ pegs work with minor mods i believe.

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Kicking around the idea of parting with this rebuild project so we can pick up a trials bike to play around on instead. Engine fully rebuilt by Tom Morgan Racing Suspension rebuilt by Noleens Full Circle Racing wheels, SS Spokes and stock powdercoated

... more »
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I have a giant loop pouch on my bars (worth the $, way better in person than i expected from the photo online). Large phones may not fit but my iphone SE does with room the spare. For my work cell (iphone 7) i keep it in my hydration pack (Klim Nac Pac) ... more »

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35%. May want to link that...

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My '18 Beta doesn't have a kicker. Not overly thrilled with the idea, and have had 1 no start scenario which thankfully happened at the truck when i was trying to start it to load it in the truck. Other than that it's been solid. I may add a kicker at ... more »

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FYI AOMC also has some of the best Beta part prices as well. Need part #'s, plug into search and they should pop up.

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I put a Lectron on my Beta around Christmas and just started riding with it. Had an issue with the bike stalling out on declines, and was told to just bump my idle. I was trying to set it just above what it took to keep it running. On cold starts, the ... more »

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I have stock radiators in decent condition and maybe some minor odds and ends from my build i didn't use.

Added reply in a thread YZ250 w 2019 BNG & stuff 4/14/2019 2:47 PM per the sticker on the tank

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How are you listing? Recently i've had no luck on Craigslist. Facebook Marketplace, and the various bike specific groups on facebook, seems to be the new go to. Had a handful of bites on day 1 and sold within a few days versus listed on craigslist for ... more »

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If he’d ever update again. Enjoying his build so far

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So you bought a bike in an area with no trails and you don't own a way to transport the bike. This was clearly a well thought out plan

Edit: Have you ... more »
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My 83 YZ125 build...(Posted in the old school section). I quit counting once i hit 5x the cost of the bike and past 2x what i budgeted. Too be fair, i'm making an improvement as i expected to be 4x less than what it cost to build my FJ40 so next project ... more »

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You smell like poo

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I ran a Sena 10s when i was riding on the street and would use it to talk to people i was riding with on occasion. Speakers are a little lacking if you have a noisy helmet at high speeds, other than that it works great. Now it just gets used when i trail ... more »

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We're about 6 months away from paying off the wifes student loans (1.5 years with 100% of her salary going towards them to get them paid off). When we got engaged and started having the serious talks, i started digging into how long to pay off at her ... more »