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Why are they all on two strokes?

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This thread made my day. thank you Boomslang. May you find a hidden supply of alcohol.

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Someone has a lot of time on his hands.

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Plugged pilot jet

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Gary Jones on a Can Am AMAHOF

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Longer shift lever ... maybe thats for my size 12s

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All I know is yesterday I had all the preliminary symptoms, dry cough, headache, lack of smell etc. I mixed one part vinegar, one part Listerene and one part Lysol, shook for two minutes, irradiated the cocktail with 5 watt deep ultraviolet light for ... more »

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Shakira or J Lo?

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Kyle Larson Rehabilitation Plan 1. Heart felt apology. Done. 2. Go on Al Sharpton show and suck up. 3. Go on Joy Reids show and suck up. 4. Go to 40 hrs of diversity training. ( Nascar precedent for this) 5. forty hours of community service. 6. Teach ... more »

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Too bad about that aftermarket silencer corrupting the all original vibe

Just kidding, I am jealous. ... more »
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I always like the styling of the SL-350.

A little info on the 350s. SL 350
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I can fast forward during replays on a Roku 3. I would pay extra if they deleted the dead zones before posting the replays.

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What is the current practice? Did Webb own the bike he won on for last years SX? Did KTM gift it to him later?

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Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative at the same time.

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I have always been partial to decreasing radius turns. Or if you will a sweeper that turns into a ninety. If the guy in front of you goes inside, you go outside and square off underneath him when he has to make the tight last bit of the corner. If the ... more »