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I haven't been in a few years but I thought hurricane was a fun track. You ever go up to Gotham mx? The old southwoods?

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I bought an 06 r1 60 anniversary for my first streetbike and loved it. The problem is when the power really kicks in your over the speed limit in any gear. About 7 grand it just takes off like a rocket. There's nothing like it on two wheels. With that ... more »

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I built these so i could fit bikes under them, no legs.
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I've seen video of dudes using aerosol and fire to get a tire back on the bead why won't this work with Moto

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I just bought a 16 KTM Enduro 690. Imo its heavy for the woods. Don't get me wrong you can trail ride all day on it but to really put the hammer down, its alot. The torque was surprising the first time I rode it, not like my 450 but not that far off. ... more »

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This is 2 seasons of track days. Maybe 15 a season split between a yz 125 and a 450. Powder coated with 100 dollar ebay

... more »
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Love this. Guess its custom painted cant find it anywhere
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Anybody kno what time 1st motos start sunday?

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I cut a few half inch squares out of the back then fit it on. This way you can take it back off if need be. Take half of it up peel the backing off, rip it off and credit card hair dryer the bubbles out. Works good with numbers plates and shrouds.

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Thanks guys, it has a fresh filter and gas, going to pick up a new plug and mess with the air screw. I rebuild the carb to so im hoping its the air screw

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Just had the motor ported for race fuel, new piston and rings. Bottom was done last winter. It fired rite up but was running rich and loading up. Didnt want to rev it to clean it out cause of the fresh motor. Shut it down to adjust idle screw and wont ... more »

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Heard he had a bad crash and is in the hospital, maybe someone else can shed some light. It would be cool to set up a go fund me or paypal. Is one easier or better than the other? Get better soon bro.

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Thomas hang in there bro,braaaaaaap prayers for you and your family

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06 yz125 2012 crf450 love them both