One Lap: Steel City 6

Nick Wey mounted up his GoPro and hit it for a lap of the Steel City Circuit. Wait, make that a 3/4 lap. (They were also having amateur practice on Friday, so one section was closed off.)

Credit: Nick Wey/GuyB
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  • GuyB

    9/4/2011 7:00 AM

    Gabe, in some sections it was really slick, so throttle control was pretty important.

    revlimiter, the track conforms to the specs for a National track...or would you feel better if I told you that, "Hey, you're right! They could only afford to make it half-width this week."

  • Gabe587

    9/3/2011 9:22 PM

    not talkin shit on nyk or anything but its funny how lazy you can be on a 450, nyk's like barely givin the thing any throttle but yet hes making every jump smoothly lol wish i had a 450 haha

  • revlimiter188

    9/3/2011 6:05 AM

    I know the GoPro alters the view but it does look to be a smaller width track?..

  • GuyB

    9/2/2011 9:32 PM

    There's been a comment on nearly every onboard video this year about how the track looks narrow. I thi part of it is the wide-angle view of the GoPro that makes it look that way.

  • aztecmx

    9/2/2011 9:26 PM

    What a shit track. What is it, like six feet wide? First to the first turn wins. Yawn.

  • moto282

    9/2/2011 8:39 PM

    Track looks fun. Can't wait for the race. Thanks for the video!

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