BeLeib: On the Edge - Part 2 5

On the Edge - Part 2 continues our look into one of the current racers that's had one of the most interesting paths in racing, Michael Leib. In this episode, Michael continues to walk us through his path as he came back from Europe for another shot at racing in the US, but ultimately led to another trip back to France where he landed on the podium with some of the world's best on a borrowed bike. Finishing up with motivates him to continue down this crazy path in Motocross.

Click here to watch Beleib: On the Edge - Part 1.

Credit: Joe Carlino
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  • oilman400

    9/19/2015 9:50 AM

    Just became a big fan of Michael Lieb!! Hope this next season brings you much success!! Awesome job on the video Joe!

  • Dx3moto

    9/18/2015 2:25 PM

    You got this Michael! Rooting for you

  • Leib61

    9/18/2015 7:21 AM

    Thanks Crush... It will come. Someday, somehow!

  • Crush

    9/19/2015 4:40 AM

    No need for thanks bud, it's clear as day!

    I think Yamaha might be a good move, lotsa motor and nail those starts, make them take notice mate, you're ridiculously fast, no one just walks into a GP and just does that without having it.

    Also a fan of your attitude regarding promotion etc, even if it's not MX, getting after it will serve you well in the rest of your life. Good luck, rooting for you!

  • Crush

    9/17/2015 9:47 PM

    I say it every time I see a vid on this kid... How the hell doesn't he have more support.

    You don't get results like that in the GPs without "it"... Someone needs to step up next time one of the PC/Geico/Star guys is out and give him a shot!