Josh Grant "New Beginnings" 1

Grant is a badass on a dirt bike. From winning an X Games Gold Medal
for Supercross, to hitting monster jumps out in the sand dunes and
throwing the biggest whips in the game, Josh is the man.

over the last few years luck has not gone his way and after suffering
multiple injuries and team changes, Josh was falling away from the top
of his sport.

In this indepth video we catch up with Josh in
2012. With a new team, young family to look after and a fresh energy to
race, he is looking strong and hungry to get back to the top.

some brand new footage of Josh training with the JWR team, as well as
some of his best moments hitting the dunes, winning X Games Gold and
whipping it out for the crowd!

Executive Producer:
Unit Apparel Co.

Allan Hardy

Kyle Cowling&Jay Schweitzer

Allan Hardy & Kyle Cowling

"Twelve Days Awake"
Written by Richard Cupolo & John Keith Emanuele
Performed by The American Dollar
Published by Yesh Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Yesh Music
By arrangement with

Credit: Unitriders

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