Breaking Boundaries: Vicki Golden 10

Multi-time X Games gold medalist, Vicki Golden, is breaking down the boundaries of Supercross racing by chasing her dream of being the first female to qualify for a Supercross night show. Teaming up with her riding coach and former factory Suzuki rider, Sean Hamblin, Golden is ready to bring these dreams to reality.

Credit: Kyle Cowling
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  • ky_savage

    3/6/2015 4:02 PM

    I really hope she can make the night show. It would be great seeing her out there.

  • P

    3/6/2015 10:24 AM

    I hope that she can reach her goals. She looks like she is off to a good start. Good luck young lady.


  • ChrisB10

    3/6/2015 7:01 AM

    I wouldnt call rolling around during qualifying breaking boundriea.

  • mikebrownsound

    3/6/2015 8:31 AM

    Dude come on! She is a girl, not her fault she is ! She already breaking boundriea by even trying to qualify. Its ridicolous amount of hate, even do i personaly dont believe a woman will qualify just because the man already have advantage and thats cause of the nature nothing else. Its cool that she tryes and the sport is for everyone , even do she might not qualify why not let her have a go.

  • Motod6

    3/6/2015 12:27 PM

    I agree to try and qualify is gnarly, even more for a woman. But to say trying to qualify is breaking boundries is really untrue since other woman have tried before her.

  • mikebrownsound

    3/6/2015 12:32 PM

    I cant remember any other girl t? Who was it?

    I just think its cool. The first post some dude posted was " waste of money and bikes and sponsorship" can you believe people ? Internet people makes me sick. I think she deserves respect. She still smokes 95% of the boys out at the local track if you know what i mean !

  • Motod6

    3/6/2015 12:53 PM

    Oh no don't get me wrong, she for sure rips. She is bringing tons of exposure to a sponsor. If anything it may create more rides by giving the sponsor growth. I know one woman was Tania Satchwell who tried to qualify. Racex had another one in an article a few weeks ago.

  • tomm55x

    3/6/2015 5:03 AM

    I'm still cheering for you Vicki, u need to use all the shit people say about you, how your never going to make a night show, all the rude remarks people say about you being a girl and how you will never make it in this sport and channel that into anger and determination. Everyone said that Lincoln could not achieve what he did, they said Neil Armstrong would never walk on the moon, they said America would never win a mx des'nations or win a gold metal in hockey, well guess what, every one of those things were accomplished thru pure will and determination and channeling all the emotions, the anger, the heart break, the happiness, the blood sweat and tears and saying fuck what people think because this is my dream and I WILL accomplish it because not one person can tell me no, not a single negative voice will be heard, this is my life and I will not be denied!!! Good luck out there and attack those whoops like your life depends on it!!!

  • jjheavychevy90

    3/14/2015 10:47 PM

    No one said Neil armstrong would never make it, the country poured hundreds of millions in to the apollo program, but in all seriousness this chick does deserve respect definitely faster than I am

  • Flatliner

    3/5/2015 5:27 PM

    Cool feature. I'm pulling for her more now.