James Stewart Santa Clara Video: "I was blowing by people like old school" 4

Nope, James wasn't on the podium due to a bike problem, but he showed much-improved speed from some of his recent races, and we wanted to check in with him. We didn't think you'd mind.

Credit: GuyB
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  • swedrik

    4/3/2016 4:24 PM

    I can not build any hate on this guy. He sure came in out of shape and all. But he had some rough times. And he won ...almost Twice as many SX mains as RD. He is 4 years younger than Reed.

    And he has the guts to go out there over and over as people Boo him. I won't back down that it is gross.
    James is a legend, he sure has his reasons and I don't feel I can judge him. Somehow. Many do. Why?
    Is it not correct to have the fastest riders in super cross race supercross? Why does he need to quit after being of 2 years. Eli can get lapped and get away w it. James cannot. Do anything and be ok it seems. The same crowd will tell you he is not one of the best riders ever. I disagree. And if he is just BS, then why demand nothing but bad results? It do not add up I say.

    Is there any humanity on this guy? Can he perhaps try to get back to racing without being treated like scum. Stew IS motocross as it is ridden today. He has nothing to prove.
    I will defend him ┬┤til proven wrong. Him being made a joke in from of god knows how many former fans is just not enough it seems. The community has to ask him to go and die as well.


  • eric513anderson

    4/3/2016 4:18 PM

    He looked like the old James that's for sure. I'm so pumped for Indy next week!

  • swedrik

    4/3/2016 4:32 PM

    He lost weight. He was Fast.

    But that is not ok. He is flamed anyway. I can not think of anything more interesting and engaging as how this will unfold. He has the talent and he is not too old. Man, I so wish him to get revenge on all them haters. Imagine the pressure he has been under. He even admits how it felt to get back, at a game he was King at, and see he lost it. Thats honest. He don't need no demands from keyboard warriors.

    If really strong he will get back on top. But that is unlikely since it will take such an effort it blows my mind. But finally, flashes of JS7 showed. Can not get worse. And going 13-6 place in 3 laps, thats a podium ride. I theory at least. Go Stew.

  • Benchracer101

    4/4/2016 9:55 PM

    He rode good to get into 6th but he wasn't going to move any further forward from there. His times up until that point weren't stellar. Probably would of fallen into the clutches of canard

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