St. Louis Post-Race: Kevin Windham 2

K-Dub is the only guy with a shot at catching Chad Reed in the 2008 Monster Energy Supercross series.

Credit: GuyB
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  • RedneckRacin

    4/29/2008 7:16 PM

    Reed is getting hammered by all for some reason. 2 weeks ago, K-Dub couldn't say a nice word about Reed but now he is a Saint! All the Honda boy's holdin up Reed in Seattle ( Short admitted it) but that is O.K.. Reed vents his frustration with poor sportsmanship with the Hondas and now he is whinning. K-Dub was pissed that his "boy's" didn't hold up Reed longer. Kinda of everyone against Reed I'd say. If it was you, you wouldn't be pissed. The only clean rider on red was Millsaps.
    Kinda sad (for K-Dub) that Reed has to be injured to give him a chance. Reed is a great rider and he is faster than K-Dub. I think K-Dub is a good rider and fun to watch but give Reed a break.

    Redneck Racin

  • suzukirm12594

    4/25/2008 7:34 PM

    Ya the standards and expectatations have droped since stewart and carmichael are out of the game...No disrespect to reed at all but im kinda on windams side to win this season...since carmichael and stewart are out hes changed his attitude on things kuz last year he was fine settleing for 3rd but now he's taking advantage of being the fastest guy and he wont settlef for anything less than 1st when he does get 1st hes real cocky and when he gets 2nd hes real pissed...Windam is just happy to be there and be riding.

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