We Ride the 2014 YZ250F in the Deep South 14

A few months ago, we rode the preproduction 2014 YZ250F for a few hours at Glen Helen. For the true introduction, Yamaha brought us out to Monster Mountain MX Park in Alabama for some serious time aboard the full production bike. Is the track sweet? Yes! How about the bike? Check out the video to find out.

Credit: Bayo Olukotun
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  • Roostarvo

    11/14/2013 4:50 PM

    The bike looks great. The Track looks AWESOME I'm going there in 2014. Hopefully a Qualifier there

  • Tom at Monster

    11/12/2013 5:57 AM

    Mike, enjoyed having you and Bayo visit and ride Monster Mountain. Great job on the video!

    Tom B.

  • ML512

    11/12/2013 9:58 AM

    Thanks again Tom! I'll definetely make my way back out there soon.

  • mikebrownsound

    11/10/2013 7:00 AM

    Wow this dude is well spoken. Sounds like he is a mechanic almost he goes into parts details. Not just yeah the bike turns well and is balanced. Good video bayo.

  • bayodome

    11/11/2013 3:25 PM

    Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked the vid. Mike Lindsay (ML512) is a regular on the forum, and definitely has a strong technical background. Pretty quick on a dirt cycle too!

  • bd

    11/9/2013 2:09 PM

    Great analysis. I am digging the 2014 CRF250R and YZ250F. Will bd go four stroke for the first time in life?

  • The Rock

    11/9/2013 12:13 PM

    Track is beautiful.

  • sec114

    11/9/2013 11:43 AM

    the testers mentioned a tad bit of front end push, yet at the same time liking more rear end sag in the bike. imo it just seems if they would run 5mm less sag and get a tad more weight on the front end then their push complaint may be taken care of. idk!! anyways i am glad the test was in a different location or part of the country.

  • ML512

    11/9/2013 1:55 PM

    I'll clarify a little, we started at about 100mm sag and I ended about 106mm. At 100mm it loaded the front end a bit too much, it would knife and oversteer the front a bit, and the rear would feel high and unloaded under braking. I almost always prefer a bit more sag or squat with the rear. Adding more sag for me help settle the rear and made turn in more consistent. When we get it back here in California I'll probably get a few more laps on it and play with settings a bit more. As always this is just my personal feeling, the bike is extremely impressive, I considered buying a tent, snagging one of the bikes and staying for another week or two haha!

  • sec114

    11/11/2013 3:19 PM

    i thank you sir, and it was my misunderstanding. thank you for you time and input. You are certainly right at how just 5mm can change the character of bike so much. so u can now say the bike had u wanting to pitch a tent??! haha!! I enjoyed the review!

  • ML512

    11/12/2013 9:59 AM

    I try to check the comment section on anything I'm involved in, if anyone ever has any questions feel free to post them or message me (forum name: ML512) and I'll try to get out a response.

  • sec114

    11/9/2013 11:29 AM

    i like how the test rider mentioned in the beginning of the video at how most bike testing/reviews are done in Ca, and MOST soil is not that way. I appreciated that real way of looking at the test results.

  • ktm212

    11/9/2013 6:59 AM

    lol california kids riding ruts..

  • ML512

    11/9/2013 7:07 AM

    I've never seen a rut so long in my life!!!