Chatting with Malcolm Stewart 9

Yep, it'll be a few weeks before Malcolm hits the track for his Supercross rookie season, but here's where he was at when we caught up with him a bit ago.

Credit: GuyB
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  • GuyB

    1/11/2011 9:50 PM

    It certainly wasn't the worst conversation I've ever had with a rider. The way he echoed questions back was cool. You could tell he was engaged.

  • editty

    1/11/2011 9:05 PM

    @howorks and whoopsrider. After reading your comments I thought Malcolm stumbled over every word that came out of his mouth. He didn't do that bad at all. Stop hating and find something positive to say instead of nit picking a freaking interview.

  • Craig_Lambrecht

    1/6/2011 10:04 AM

    he's sooo uncomfortable in front of the camera

  • howorks

    1/5/2011 1:43 PM

    Amazing to me that the Stewart family would not hire a media coach to help with interviewing skills. That was Painful to sit through.

    You know.

  • R-acer

    1/5/2011 8:11 AM

    Nice kid. All the best Malcolm.

  • whoopsrider

    1/5/2011 5:47 AM

    "You KNow" if you'd do an interview without saying "you know" every 4th word, Then your interviews would be less painful "You Know"

    Good luck and like always your a good rider to watch, top 5 shold be doable it's all you! "YOU KNOW"

  • Dirtydane

    1/5/2011 2:26 AM

    I will rooot for you Malcolm!

  • skidsteer16

    1/5/2011 12:38 AM

    Great attitude Malcolm, can't wait to see you on the east coast.

  • Cigaro

    1/5/2011 12:26 AM

    I hope he does good this year,especially @ Daytona..

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