Chad Reed: 'The penalties...I don't accept it' 4

Chad Reed brings us up to date on his season, last week's penalty, what happened in St. Louis, and where he stands with Ryan Dungey.

Credit: GuyB
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  • Rockinar

    4/11/2017 6:22 PM

    I will not accept that Chad Reed is not a doosh and wont retire.

  • IWreckALot

    4/11/2017 1:24 PM

    I also want to not accept my speeding tickets. I think I'll use that one next time I get pulled over.

  • 7eleven

    4/9/2017 8:13 PM

    Nice to see him be so open and honest. Good job, GuyB

  • bartziokas123

    4/9/2017 12:52 PM

    Making it right would be fining him 20g. Guys a huge baby

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