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Yoshimura RS-4 Titanium/Carbon Full System

Vital Review

“Functional Art Work”

First off, the 2013 KX450F is not short on power. It has a very strong motor that pulls hard, with good power throughout the revs. Thanks to the electronic mapping coupler system of the new Kawasaki big-bore, there is a lot of room for adjustability in the power output of the bike. However, there is always room for improvement, and that is where Yoshimura comes into play. One of Yoshimura’s newer exhaust offerings is the RS-4 Titanium/Carbon Full System. With a full carbon tip and can that tapers into a titanium base and header, the RS-4 is a piece of motocross art. Add in the anodized billet Read More »

Bell Moto-9 Carbon Helmet

Vital Review

“Bell Moto-9 Carbon Helmet”

Bell has been in moto for a long time…long enough that they were one of the first major helmet brands in the sport, and also one of the first to have a full faced helmet. Can you believe people used to race with open-faced helmets? You old guys were nuts! Anyway, the company has continued to innovate since the introduction of their original motocross lid and Bell most recently introduced the Moto 9 Carbon. When Bell cam out with the Moto 9, they made some big changes to the overall size and fit compared to the Moto 8, and with the Moto 9 Carbon they went one step further by dropping the weight as well. The size Large we Read More »

Matrix Concepts Matrix M4 Floor Mat

“Great product, but I think it needs more thought behind it.”


The Good: Looks cool, and the rubber is nice when working on bikes and spill oil etc.

The Bad: High price for just a mat.

Overall Review: i really like this thing, its great when your washing your bike on gravel and need something to put the stand on.

Scott USA Deuce Grips W/Donut

Featured Review

“Scott Deuce grips”


The Good: Costs roughly as much as a standard set of name brand grips, but you get a much more unique grip with dual layered material and grip donuts. The softer layer allows for firm grip for your palm, while the harder layer around the majority of the grip resists wear while the pattern still allows for a solid "finger" grip. These grips have a harder end material then most, resisting tearing during tip overs and comes in six different color combos.

The Bad: The throttle side grip fits very snug, on some thicker throttle tubes this may cause the grip to split slightly and stretch. The pattern on the grip is unique and changes shape along the grip, this may not work for those who prefer a straight/consistent pattern.

Overall Review: I'm usually not too big of a fan of changing grips. After years of using a soft single compound half waffle grip I decided to "branch out" and see what other offerings there are. What caught my eye with this set of grips from Scott was the dual layered grip and pattern (a nice plus was the grip donuts for the price). I did notice in installation thought that the throttle side grip was a bit tight on the aftermarket throttle tube i was using. Causing it to split slightly at the end of the grip where the layers came together, but through my continued riding the small split did not grow any worse and was not noticeable. Read More »

2011 KTM 250 SX

“Great bike”


The Good: Great suspension, awesome engine, super sweet design

The Bad: the rims suck! very weird handlebar bend

Overall Review: I love this bike, ride 450s for e few years, then bought this bike, and suddenly i remembered how much fun motocross used to be.

Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

Vital Review

“Awesome Stuff”


The Good: The fit and the comfort are awesome, as is the quality.

The Bad: Yeah, the price is stout. You get what you pay for.

Overall Review: There's only a handful of boots that I'd wear, and these are among them. Alpinestars has always built top-notch products, and these are no exception.

2008 Honda CRF80F

“My first bike (model 2005)”


The Good: The bike was really good to first bike, its got really mutch torgue and its not too fast.

The Bad: The suspension was really bad, it feel good at first month and then it get too shotft.

Overall Review: Good bike for starters, for those ho didnt want race

2007 Suzuki RM250

“2T are Rat Bikes”


The Good: Handles like a scalpel.

Cheap PC Works pipe and shorty will restore explosive 05/06 powerband(at a small over-rev cost) that 07 re-porting tamed.

Cheap to buy, cheap to fix.

Developing Popeye forearms to hold on when it hooks up.

The Bad: If you've only ridden 4Ts, expect a learning curve. This isn't some 4T tractor with lbs of gyroscopic rotating mass right under your balls resisting leaning.

If you've only ridden 4Ts, you will overshoot some corners and stall the engine while you learn how to use brakes with no engine braking to help.

Sprained cheek muscles from all the grinning.

Overall Review: 2Ts are the "rat rods" of moto. Yeah, 4Ts with their 200CC cheater advantage are a bit faster**. We don't care. If you're bored riding essentially the exact same bike as everybody else, just in a different color, on the same lines, sounding exactly the same, get a 2T. It'll be a challenge to learn and master, you can take different lines and they'll hear you coming. And they're cheap. Did I bring up that they're cheap? ** Point not valid when talking about 2012 KTM 250SX with PC Works pipe and Shorty. Especially with a KTM 300SX kit. 60+HP.

2008 Suzuki RM-Z450

“Awesome Bike”


The Good: Awesome handling bullet proof bike perfect fueling amazingly smooth throttle response heaps of power light clutch very slim bike that turns so well never let me down always starts 2nd time kick hot or cold.

The Bad: Hard to think of a bad point could do with frame protectors from the factory ???????????

Overall Review: From past experience will always buy the big S. Great bike.