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DT-1 Dual Layer Air Filter

Vital Review

“Tested: DT-1 Dual Layer Air Filter”

Review and photos by Andre Barbosa I'm a firm believer that you can substantially extend the longevity of a four-stroke engine if you feed it a steady diet of clean air, good fuel, and high-quality oil, at regular intervals. As a result, I'm very methodical about always keeping clean and well-oiled filters in my bikes. This task is made much easier if you have a few air filters in rotation, as it's much easier to clean several filters once a month, rather than cleaning a single filter every week. In this case, I decided to add a DT-1 air filter to the rotation for my 2014 KX250F, but I'm no stranger to DT-1 products, Read More »

FMF Titanium Factory 4.1 RCT Full System/ MegaBomb Header for 2014 YZ450F

Vital Review

“Tested: FMF 4.1 RCT Full Titanium System/ Mega-Bomb Header”

Review by Bryan Wallace/ Photos by Michael Lindsay Since Vital MX received their 2014 YZ450F, I was lucky enough to grab it for the past few months to pound out some laps, and put in the hours. With all this time on it, I found myself wanting to see if there was anything to be gained in the power department. FMF had an early jump on development with the new YZ450F, thanks to their partnership with JGR. So when I was handed this and told to try it out, I was excited to see if all the testing would shine through. FMF 4.1 RCT Features: Tuned exhaust with optimized core Read More »

Scott SXII Grips

Vital Review

“Tested: Scott SX II Grips”

Review and Photos by Andre Barbosa As fair warning, I'm very particular about grips. I guess it all started in my early riding days, when I was constantly battling the blisters in the palm of my hands. In search of a remedy I experimented with numerous different grips; with varying compounds, diameters, and designs entering the equation through the years. Over time, the blisters were finally replaced by calluses, but my fascination with grips stayed for good. When the chance to test the Scott SX II grips presented itself, I immediately volunteered. Scott SX II Grips Highlights: Double-density grip with a firm inner compound and a softer Read More »

Leatt GPX 5.5 Neck Brace

Vital Review

“Tested: Leatt GPX 5.5 Neck Brace”

Review and Photos by Joe Carlino Unfortunately, accidents and injuries are inevitable in this sport we all love. The only precautions we can take are to use the proper protective gear. Along with helmets, boots and chest protectors, the neck brace has become one of the more standard pieces of safety equipment that you'll see on the track today. Neck brace safety is becoming more and more popular each year, so I decided to try out the latest offering from one of the leaders in neck protection, Leatt, and their GPX 5.5. Leatt GPX 5.5 Neck Brace Highlights: New low-profile design. five-way adjustability (no tools Read More »

IMS Pro Series Footpegs

Vital Review

“Tested: IMS Pro-Series Footpegs”

Review and Photos by Thiess Lindsay As a taller rider (6’3”) with slightly bigger-than-average feet (size 12), I’m constantly trying to get more comfortable on motorcycles that are designed with a much smaller rider in mind. Being able to open up the rider compartment has become of particular interest to me. Whenever I have the opportunity to speak with taller AMA pros, or one with a shoe size in the double digits, I try to pick their brains on what they’ve done to fit the bike to them. A while ago I read that the IMS Pro-Series footpegs offered a series of different offsets, and I was intrigued. I called IMS and was Read More »

Moto-Gate Tie-Downs

Vital Review

“Tested: Moto-Gate Tie-Downs”

Review and photos by Andre Barbosa Many people do not pay much attention to tie-downs. After all, securing a bike to a vehicle seems like a pretty simple job. I felt the same way, until many years ago I had my bike fall from a trailer. Luckily, I was driving slowly at the time, but the repair bill still amounted to new radiators, handlebars, grips, brake lever, and radiator shrouds. As you can imagine, I started paying very close attention to tie-downs after that incident. Product Highlights: Each strap features a carabiner (a metal loop with a spring-loaded gatehook) on one end and a hook-and-loop handlebar strap Read More »

Fox Racing Photon Shoes

“Great colors - Odd fit”


The Good:

- Great looks and colorways
- Bottom portion of the sole is durable

The Bad:

- The heal doesn't fit very well (my heal slips with every step)
- Cushion portion of the sole seems to be packing out to the side

Overall Review: The fit of heal pocket has kept me from using these shoes for anything but casual wear. The bottom portion of the sole is wearing well, but the cushion portion of the sole seems to be packing out on the outside of the sole making my ankle roll to the inside while talking. I'm not sure if I got a bad pair or if the problems that I have encountered are systemic of the shoe. I have two other pairs of Fox shoes (different models) and they fit well, so I know that fox can make great shoes. I didn't realize, until after the warranty had expired, that Fox has a one year satisfaction guarantee on their shoes, so I feel like I am somewhat responsible; therefore I didn't rate the product as bad as I was initially inclined to.

X-Trig Triple Clamps

Vital Review

“Tested: X-Trig Triple Clamps”

Review and Photos by Michael Lindsay Tested on: 2013 KX450F and 2013 KX250F Don’t you hate it when you buy the latest and greatest bike and struggle with the handling? Even after setting up the suspension, you may still find yourself wanting to change its characteristics. Now, whether you’re looking for more bite, gaining a little stability, or trying to eliminate the front end tucking, a good route to go is to try some different offset triple clamps. Finding the right offset can be a challenge, as you may not like the change in all situations (based on speed, track material, roughness, etc.). This can also bring the Read More »

Shoei Blue/Red/White TC-2 Salute VFX-W Helmet

Vital Review

“Tested: Shoei VFX-W”

Review and photos by Andre Barbosa Unfortunately, even the best riders crash. It isn’t a matter of if, but when they’ll happen. I’ve personally acquired enough concussions over the years that making the search for a high quality helmet even more important to me. After spending quite a bit of time researching different models, I was led to the Shoei VFX-W. Shoei has a reputation for making top quality helmets, and having always been positioned in the higher end of the market, the VFX-W carries that reputation with it. Although this model has been around for a few years, it’s still considered one of Read More »

Mika Metals 7075 Pro Series Handlebar

Vital Review

“Tested: Mika Metals 7075 Pro Series Handlebars”

Review and Photos by Bill Weppner Handlebar setup is critical to the comfort and confidence we all desire from our machines. They bind us to our bikes and when set in just the right position, make the ride as comfortable as our home sofas. Move those bars a few millimeters fore or aft, or change the bend a few degrees and you lose that comfort and just don’t feel at home anymore. Technical Features Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum. Available in nine bends, in both 7/8” and 1-1/8” bar sizes. Can be ordered with bar pad color of your choice (ten color options). MSRP $60.95 for 7/8” ($99.95 for Read More »