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6D Helmets ATR-1

Vital Review

“Innovation in Practice”

“…We needed to invent the helmet. What was happening, apparently, was that we were involved in a lot of activities that were cracking our heads. We chose not to avoid doing those activities but, instead, to come up with some sort of device to help us enjoy our head-cracking lifestyles.” -Jerry Seinfeld Yep, it’s sad but true, and you know as well as I do that motocross is not exactly the best activity you can do for your health. However, the reason you are reading this is because the MX bug bit you and has now infected your entire body, forcing you to abandon common sense when in relation to bodily harm. Since you probably are Read More »

DT 1 Racing Air Flow Kit w/ Filter

Vital Review

“Air Flow = Power”

There is an inherent problem with motocross: the engines in a motorcycle require air for the whole “internal combustion” thing, but the air around those engines is almost always dirty…maybe that’s why they’re called dirt bikes. So, some heavy filtration is required to turn that tainted air into clean, tasty, and delicious (by engine standards, not humans) air for your machine to take in, chew up, and spit out its hindquarters. We’re not just talking little gasps of air here either. At race pace in a four-stroke, we’re talking an average of about 3,000 to 5,000 450cc-sized gasps per minute. That’s a whole lot Read More »


Vital Review

“Tested: Lap times taken to a new level!”

Lap times, lap times, lap times…they are oh so important. How consistent was I? What was my best or my worst? If you don’t have someone to hold a stopwatch, there are timers you can mount on your bike but typically you either have to set up a transponder as a “finish line” or remember to push a button on the bar every lap at the exact same moment. Well, if these options are not up your alley, GET has a solution for you: the MD60 LOG In the box you will find the MD60 LOG, a USB to micro USB cable (to connect the logger to your computer), a soft carrying bag, a pair of AA batteries, and a disc with GET’s Gatelite software to analyze Read More »

2013 TM Racing MX 85 Junior

“2013 TM 85”


The Good: Power to spare. Everything on this bike is of the best quality and the craftsmanship is un-matched. Great handling, very fast,

The Bad: Front forks are too stiff. I weigh 95 and it is sprung for a much heavier rider in the front. Must run race gas mix (which is fine with me)

Overall Review: I give this bike 5 stars. High quality everything. Fast fast fast. 9 hours on the Golden Tyre tires and hardly any wear. Perfect demensions for an average 85 rider.

Atlas Brace Atlas Carbon

Vital Review

“Tested: Atlas Carbon Brace”

Modern neck braces have now been around MX for the better part of a decade, and they’re evolving. No, they’re not growing brains (yet), but they are becoming more refined, safer, and lighter. The Atlas Carbon brace is the latest to hit the market. After using the original Atlas for a few months, I was able to upgrade to the Atlas Carbon, and who wouldn’t? If you’re a rider, then you love carbon fiber. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your bike or part of your gear, carbon is cool. The newest brace in the Atlas lineup does not simply use the same design as the original brace. The design takes advantage of the super Read More »

2013 Husqvarna CR125

Vital Review

“Tested: 125 Pro Challenge Husqvarna CR125/144”

There was a time when two-strokes were dying. They went from a once prevalent design to disappearing by the tens of thousands…not unlike the American bison. Once numbering in the millions, the grazing beasts were eventually killed off so quickly that, in the matter of just a few decades, only a few hundred remained before people realized that their extinction might be a bad thing…damn pioneers! However, after some serious conservation efforts the species was saved, but the population will never return to what its former numbers (feel free to shed a tear). Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news for all of the premix die-hards out Read More »

Risk Racing Seal Doctor Tool

Vital Review

“Leaky Seal Solution”

It’s one of the most common and annoying maintenance issues out there: you’re having a great day of riding, but start to notice an unusual amount of dirt building up on your forks; a leaking fork seal. Ugh! By the time you’ve returned home with the bike tied down in the back of the truck, there is a pool of fork oil on the bed liner. The problem is, suspension specialists are busy and you’re lucky to get away with turn around in three days or less. But you want to ride…right now! Well, there’s a quick solution. Half of the time, a leaking fork seal is the result of some dirt or sand that managed to work its way past the Read More »

Works Connection Pro Launch Holeshot Device

Vital Review


Like most inventions and innovations in motocross racing, starting devices first began to appear on factory bikes before they were made available to the public. After they first showed up in the late ‘90s, it wasn’t long before the little gizmos were on every bike on the pro tour. Soon enough, start devices were available from most accessory manufacturers, allowing every Joe Schmoe to improve their holeshot prowess. For a long time there were only a handful of different options on the market. Now a few new starting tools have begun to pop up, and one of the more innovative is the Works Read More »

Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles

Vital Review

“Tested: Oakley Airbrake”

Goggles are in a strange place in terms of the evolution of the sport. Like chains, they seem very rudimentary, especially in comparison to, say, road racing. Yet, no one has been able to devise a better functioning and cost effective way to either protect your eyes or transfer power from a motor to the rear wheel. So, rather than move to face shields (although Simpson did attempt it a few years ago, but it never caught on), MX has stuck with goggles through thick and thin…and now thicker with the new Oakley Airbrake MX. Developed over several years with Oakley’s top athletes, the Airbrake is one of the more innovative Read More »

O'Neal Racing O'Neal Neon 5 Series Crypt Helmet

“A very cool helmet”


The Good: The design, flow, comfort

The Bad: the pricetag

Overall Review: Overall a really good looking helmet. Fits great and is very comfortable to wear.