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Ride Engineering Billet Front Brake Caliper

Vital Review

“Stopping On a Dime”

Braking power and usability are things I’m always searching for on my bikes, and on today’s 450s, more stopping power is a welcomed attribute, especially if it’s usable and manageable stopping power. Outside of rotors and brakes pads, the general public doesn’t have much in the way of options. The last few years of walking through the pits at a national, I’ve looked at the factory calipers on certain team bikes and wondered how much of a difference they make. Well, Ride Engineering new Billet Front Brake Caliper is for those looking to maximize the stopping power on today’s fast bikes that are only Read More »

Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support Tech Carbon

Vital Review

“Low Profile”

I have been wearing a neck brace since the big push and David Bailey video came out a few years back, but recently I just wasn’t as happy with the brace and helmet combo I had been using. Since I hadn’t tried the Alpinestars neck brace in a few years, I jumped at the chance to try out their new Bionic Neck Support (BNS) Tech Carbon. So what do you receive for $349.95? The BNS Tech Carbon comes with a pair of X-straps, a package of frame adapters, and a package of different size pads for the rear, center, and front of the brace. A major difference between the preview version and the new BNS is Read More »

Yoshimura RS-4 Stainless Full System

Vital Review

“Piping Hot!”

What is the first thing that many riders do when they get a new bike? Throw a new pipe on it. Well, just like the people who buy exhaust systems, the companies that make them are also some of the first to the draw in offering products for new models when they first become available. There a few redesigned motocross machines hitting the market for 2014, with the new Yamaha YZ450F standing out as one of the most revised from its previous version and Yoshimura was one of the first companies to make a pipe for the blue big-bore. There is a common belief that many exhaust specialists make pipes simply Read More »

MXD Labs Click Mount

Vital Review

“The Case for Better Training”

Are you a racer or just a rider? Do you train to ride or just ride to train? I’ll admit that, as of late, the majority of my time on a bike has been without a starting gate, but every once in a while I’ll be inspired to prove my worth against other non-pro 30-somethings (yeah, I know…a real challenge). When the mental commitment finally settles in that there will be hard evidence of my mediocrity measured against other riders with unfulfilled dreams of the big time, I tend to kick things up a notch. No, I’m not saying that I add cayenne pepper my gas tank (although I might be onto something there), I’m talking about focusing Read More »

Works Connection Digital Shock Pump

Vital Review

“Gauging the Air Age”

If you have been keeping up with the Jones’s you have either seen or tried a set of “air forks” that come stock on the 2013 and 2014 Honda CRF450R and Kawasaki KX450F bikes. One of the functions of the air forks is the ability to change the air pressure, similar to changing the spring rate but instead of taking forks to a specialist, the PSI can be changed trackside in a matter of minutes. To do so you will need an air gauge and pump, but a regular tire gauge and air pump don’t quite cut it. The average pump and gauge will bleed out air every time you try to test the PSI or fill the fork through the Schrader Read More »

Fox Racing Youth Red/Black 180 Race Pants

“Good value for the money”


The Good: Low cost high durability look great with matching jersey

The Bad: little too snug in the knees with cti braces but once on feel great

Overall Review: These are a good deal even though they are a couple years out of date now 2010 2011 model years I think and I've seen them for even cheaper on clearance.

Renthal Direct Fit Intellilever

Vital Review

“Intelligent Leverage”

There are a few truths about motocross, things that, if you ever put your leg over a dirt bike, are inevitable. Unfortunately, the most obvious one is that you will crash. No ifs, ands, or buts. You are going to crash and there is nothing you can do to keep it from happening. Of course, some other truths are that you will have an enormous smile on your face, you will be sore from head to toe even without crashing, your bike will eventually stop working properly, and you will scare the crap out of yourself (not literally, although it does happen). Nevertheless, crashing is probably still at the top of the Read More »

Scorpion Sports VX-R70 Helmet

Vital Review

“High-End Features, Affordable Price”

It’s hard to picture now, but there was a time when there were not many helmet options, when helmet technology was fairly limited, and when the best stock graphics you could hope for were some flames and racing stripes. Nowadays, there are so many helmets available, that it’s hard to stay up to date. Not only are there multiple options across all price points and sizes, there are also so many graphics that the custom paint market almost completely disappeared at one point. The great thing about having so many options, is that there are more quality lids to choose from; so many, in fact, that there are some helmets that Read More »

6D Helmets ATR-1

Vital Review

“Innovation in Practice”

“…We needed to invent the helmet. What was happening, apparently, was that we were involved in a lot of activities that were cracking our heads. We chose not to avoid doing those activities but, instead, to come up with some sort of device to help us enjoy our head-cracking lifestyles.” -Jerry Seinfeld Yep, it’s sad but true, and you know as well as I do that motocross is not exactly the best activity you can do for your health. However, the reason you are reading this is because the MX bug bit you and has now infected your entire body, forcing you to abandon common sense when in relation to bodily harm. Since you probably are Read More »

DT 1 Racing Air Flow Kit w/ Filter

Vital Review

“Air Flow = Power”

There is an inherent problem with motocross: the engines in a motorcycle require air for the whole “internal combustion” thing, but the air around those engines is almost always dirty…maybe that’s why they’re called dirt bikes. So, some heavy filtration is required to turn that tainted air into clean, tasty, and delicious (by engine standards, not humans) air for your machine to take in, chew up, and spit out its hindquarters. We’re not just talking little gasps of air here either. At race pace in a four-stroke, we’re talking an average of about 3,000 to 5,000 450cc-sized gasps per minute. That’s a whole lot Read More »