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Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles

Vital Review

“Tested: Oakley Airbrake”

Goggles are in a strange place in terms of the evolution of the sport. Like chains, they seem very rudimentary, especially in comparison to, say, road racing. Yet, no one has been able to devise a better functioning and cost effective way to either protect your eyes or transfer power from a motor to the rear wheel. So, rather than move to face shields (although Simpson did attempt it a few years ago, but it never caught on), MX has stuck with goggles through thick and thin…and now thicker with the new Oakley Airbrake MX. Developed over several years with Oakley’s top athletes, the Airbrake is one of the more innovative Read More »

O'Neal Racing O'Neal Neon 5 Series Crypt Helmet

“A very cool helmet”


The Good: The design, flow, comfort

The Bad: the pricetag

Overall Review: Overall a really good looking helmet. Fits great and is very comfortable to wear.

Smith Intake Sweat-X Goggles

Featured Review

“Smith Intake Sweat-X/with roll-offs”


The Good: Articulating outrigger for goggle strap to help with different helmet shapes; bright vibrant colors; roll-off kit included; goggle foam excelled at keeping dust and small particles outside. Made in the USA.

The Bad: Slightly long goggle strap; lack of tear off posts on roll-off canisters; anti fog lens wasn't as effective as I would have liked.

Overall Review: What you get: The current price of the Smith Intake Sweat-X I used is $65. For your money, you get a pair of Intake Sweat-X's (which come in four different colorways), a cloth baggy to hold them, and a roll-off system. The goggles themselves are well made, have multi-layered foam, and an outrigger style frame. Features Articulating outrigger system: This allows the outrigger angle to change and was quite helpful with different helmet shapes. In the past, I've used outrigger frames that allow the strap to pull incorrectly on certain helmets and create and uneven seal along your face. The articulating frame helped Read More »

Acerbis Skid Plate

“Simple, Tuff, Affordable...”


The Good: Uses stock mounting instead of aftermarket mounting brackets, extremely tough, flexible enough to take abuse.

The Bad: Can be air restrictive, but has patterns visible to drill out.

Overall Review: So after a full seasons of racing Worcs, GPs, and other offroad events without ever breaking or having a problem with these I thought it was about time to give them a little recognition. Upside: At 75 dollars the acerbis skid plate is much cheaper than using a carbon fiber or comparable full coverage aluminum skid plates. The molded plastic is both tough but flexible to to take heavy hits from rocks, logs, ect. Also compared to some other aftermarket skid plates it uses the oem mounting. So no messing around with aftermarket clamps that hard to put in place! I personally tested these on kawasaki's 250 and 450, on Read More »

2011 TM Racing MX 250 Fi

“Off-the-peg exclusivity”


The Good: Bloody fast and no extras required......

The Bad: The Marzochi forks are a bastard to find anybody capable to work on them.

Overall Review: A fantastic bike, provided us with regular holeshots fresh from the 'box'. No tuning required, no 'bling' neccessary - but we have fitted a Scalvini exhaust anyway! Quality parts make it at least as reliable as anything else on the market and better than most. But don't let just anybody work on it! Lovingly trained experts only please, on this Ferrari of the dirt world!!!! If you want to feel special at ANY race meeting or practice track, this (or any of the other tasty TM's) is for you.  


Vital Review

“Low End Price, High End Protection”

Knee braces are no longer items for the sport’s wealthy, elite, or injured. For the last decade, more and more knee brace options have appeared on the market, with a whole range in both quality and price. Back around 2009, PODMX hit the ground running when they first introduced the K700, an all-carbon fiber, OTF (off-the-shelf) brace with several new innovations available at a upper-mid level price ($799.95, a far cry from the +$1000 price tag of custom braces). After the success of their first offering, PODMX set out to offer another brace with the same great features at and even more affordable price. Borrowing the same Read More »

Yoshimura RS-4 Titanium/Carbon Full System

Vital Review

“Functional Art Work”

First off, the 2013 KX450F is not short on power. It has a very strong motor that pulls hard, with good power throughout the revs. Thanks to the electronic mapping coupler system of the new Kawasaki big-bore, there is a lot of room for adjustability in the power output of the bike. However, there is always room for improvement, and that is where Yoshimura comes into play. One of Yoshimura’s newer exhaust offerings is the RS-4 Titanium/Carbon Full System. With a full carbon tip and can that tapers into a titanium base and header, the RS-4 is a piece of motocross art. Add in the anodized billet Read More »

Bell Moto-9 Carbon Helmet

Vital Review

“Bell Moto-9 Carbon Helmet”

Bell has been in moto for a long time…long enough that they were one of the first major helmet brands in the sport, and also one of the first to have a full faced helmet. Can you believe people used to race with open-faced helmets? You old guys were nuts! Anyway, the company has continued to innovate since the introduction of their original motocross lid and Bell most recently introduced the Moto 9 Carbon. When Bell cam out with the Moto 9, they made some big changes to the overall size and fit compared to the Moto 8, and with the Moto 9 Carbon they went one step further by dropping the weight as well. The size Large we Read More »

Matrix Concepts Matrix M4 Floor Mat

“Great product, but I think it needs more thought behind it.”


The Good: Looks cool, and the rubber is nice when working on bikes and spill oil etc.

The Bad: High price for just a mat.

Overall Review: i really like this thing, its great when your washing your bike on gravel and need something to put the stand on.

Scott USA Deuce Grips W/Donut

Featured Review

“Scott Deuce grips”


The Good: Costs roughly as much as a standard set of name brand grips, but you get a much more unique grip with dual layered material and grip donuts. The softer layer allows for firm grip for your palm, while the harder layer around the majority of the grip resists wear while the pattern still allows for a solid "finger" grip. These grips have a harder end material then most, resisting tearing during tip overs and comes in six different color combos.

The Bad: The throttle side grip fits very snug, on some thicker throttle tubes this may cause the grip to split slightly and stretch. The pattern on the grip is unique and changes shape along the grip, this may not work for those who prefer a straight/consistent pattern.

Overall Review: I'm usually not too big of a fan of changing grips. After years of using a soft single compound half waffle grip I decided to "branch out" and see what other offerings there are. What caught my eye with this set of grips from Scott was the dual layered grip and pattern (a nice plus was the grip donuts for the price). I did notice in installation thought that the throttle side grip was a bit tight on the aftermarket throttle tube i was using. Causing it to split slightly at the end of the grip where the layers came together, but through my continued riding the small split did not grow any worse and was not noticeable. Read More »