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2007 Honda CRF450R


First and for most, it goes without saying that Honda has a class leading quality, fit and finish. So when you are a weekend warrior on a budget like me, you want something reliable. If you can afford to buy a new bike every year or two, any brand with the best deal may do. When you want be sure it will last, choose wisely. I bought this bike when it was new replacing my '91 CR250R that still runs and still have it. This bike has smooth power, and super fun to ride. Lots of usable power. Great bike!)

2007 Kawasaki KX250


I used to race one of these. its sittin at my dads house. i rode it like 15 times but its a b/a bike wish hed let me have it but nooooo i have to deal with an 01 cr 125 that some guy rigged up. haha really though kx250 is where its at