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Raptor Titanium Xtreme Footpegs

Vital Review

“Titanium Strength and Carnivorous Teeth”

There was a time, not too long ago, when MX pegs were no wider than two fingers side by side, and with teeth no sharper than your own molars. By contrast, today’s stock footpegs are far more adequate to handle the rigors of racing, even on a professional level. However, much like many other parts on a dirt bike, footpegs are also not meant to last forever. Wear and tear, especially on the extremities of your motorcycle (handlebars, levers, fender, tires, etc.) is inherent, and that is where aftermarket companies have found a strong niche. When replacing stock parts, riders have three choices: 1) Opt for a cheap Read More »

Troy Lee Designs Catalyst X Knee Brace

Vital Review

“Affordable and Secure Protection”

Think about this for a second: a decade ago there were not even a handful of motocross-specific knee braces available...and even fewer that were affordable without a prescription. Today, there are so many knee brace options that it’s difficult to keep them straight. Just think of how many ACL’s have been saved in the last decade. Thanks, technology and competitive marketplaces! While many of the brace options come from companies that specialize in knee and joint protection, a few more moto-centric businesses have entered the fray as well. One of those companies is Troy Lee Designs with their Read More »

Rocket Exhaust Carbon Fiber Full System

Vital Review

“Affordable Power”

One of the first things most of us buy for our trusted machines is an exhaust system. Unfortunately, as bike prices have gone up so too have the cost of pipes. With this in mind, Rocket Exhaust is trying for more power but at a more affordable price. Here is the latest offering from the Southern California-based shop, tested on a 2013 KX450F. Rocket offers slip-on and full exhaust systems. For full systems, the head and mid pipe are made of stainless steel, but you have an option of an aluminum or carbon-fiber exhaust can. Options are where Rocket really shines: you can order aluminum models as Read More »

Airoh Helmets Aviator 2.1

Vital Review

“Light Weight Performance”

It’s hard to believe or even imagine now, but there was a time when racers wore open faced helmets…as in their mouths were completely exposed to the elements. Then people figured out that getting teeth knocked out every time they rode kind of took some of the fun out the whole experience. So, then someone came up with facemasks…a novel solution to tooth smashing, but it wasn’t exactly doing much for smashed jaw prevention. Finally the full-face motocross helmet came into being, and until some genius invents invisible and breathable EPS foam and carbon fiber, we probably won’t be seeing a full-head helmet anytime soon. Read More »

2013 Yamaha YZ250F

Vital Review

“Test Bike Wrap Up: A Year With the 2013 YZ250F”

New dirt bikes come out every year, but that doesn’t mean riders are buying new machines every 12 months. No, for various reasons, riders will often keep a motorcycle for two, three, or four seasons. Heck, a die-hard might never get rid of a certain bike. Whether they simply can’t afford new machinery or have become particularly attached to a certain ride, the fact remains: motocross bikes need to be able to take lickin’ and keep on keepin’ on…wait that’s not how the phrase goes. Well, you know what I mean, and some equipment handles the test of time a bit better than others. Now, one year probably didn’t cause even the slightest Read More »

ODI CFT Handlebar

Vital Review

“Get Your Flex On”

Motocross is all about comfort. How can I say this when any time I come back from the track I feel like I was dropped from the top of three-story building? Because if a rider isn’t comfortable, they are not going to ride to the best of their ability. Physical comfort is a pure luxury on the track; mental comfort is an absolute necessity. One of the parts on a bike where the two ideas converge is the handlebar. No other part is as crucial in helping a rider achieve ergonomic desires and physical requirements. While the basic concepts remain the same, today’s handlebar designs are superior in every way to bars from 20 or even 10 years Read More »

Ride Engineering Billet Front Brake Caliper

Vital Review

“Stopping On a Dime”

Braking power and usability are things I’m always searching for on my bikes, and on today’s 450s, more stopping power is a welcomed attribute, especially if it’s usable and manageable stopping power. Outside of rotors and brakes pads, the general public doesn’t have much in the way of options. The last few years of walking through the pits at a national, I’ve looked at the factory calipers on certain team bikes and wondered how much of a difference they make. Well, Ride Engineering new Billet Front Brake Caliper is for those looking to maximize the stopping power on today’s fast bikes that are only Read More »

Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support Tech Carbon

Vital Review

“Low Profile”

I have been wearing a neck brace since the big push and David Bailey video came out a few years back, but recently I just wasn’t as happy with the brace and helmet combo I had been using. Since I hadn’t tried the Alpinestars neck brace in a few years, I jumped at the chance to try out their new Bionic Neck Support (BNS) Tech Carbon. So what do you receive for $349.95? The BNS Tech Carbon comes with a pair of X-straps, a package of frame adapters, and a package of different size pads for the rear, center, and front of the brace. A major difference between the preview version and the new BNS is Read More »

Yoshimura RS-4 Stainless Full System

Vital Review

“Piping Hot!”

What is the first thing that many riders do when they get a new bike? Throw a new pipe on it. Well, just like the people who buy exhaust systems, the companies that make them are also some of the first to the draw in offering products for new models when they first become available. There a few redesigned motocross machines hitting the market for 2014, with the new Yamaha YZ450F standing out as one of the most revised from its previous version and Yoshimura was one of the first companies to make a pipe for the blue big-bore. There is a common belief that many exhaust specialists make pipes simply Read More »

MXD Labs Click Mount

Vital Review

“The Case for Better Training”

Are you a racer or just a rider? Do you train to ride or just ride to train? I’ll admit that, as of late, the majority of my time on a bike has been without a starting gate, but every once in a while I’ll be inspired to prove my worth against other non-pro 30-somethings (yeah, I know…a real challenge). When the mental commitment finally settles in that there will be hard evidence of my mediocrity measured against other riders with unfulfilled dreams of the big time, I tend to kick things up a notch. No, I’m not saying that I add cayenne pepper my gas tank (although I might be onto something there), I’m talking about focusing Read More »