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Nihilo Concepts Factory Frame Grip Tape

Vital Review

“Tested: Nihilo Concepts Factory Frame Grip Tape ”

Review and Photos by Michael Lindsay Wandering the pro pits is always interesting, especially when you spot the small tricks that the factory mechanics do to their rider's bikes. One thing that's quite common, is to find grip tape along spars of the frame. Some riders love the extra traction that can be found by doing this. But it can be a bit of a pain to replicate, since cutting out the perfect-sized piece of grip tape is time consuming and takes practice, even with a good template. Now there's a solution, Nihilo Concepts has produced a grip tape kit that is made to fit individual Read More »

Works Connection Aluminum Radiator Brace

Vital Review

“Tested: Works Connection Radiator Braces”

Review and Photos by Michael Lindsay In my group of riding buddies, bike damage seems to be a common theme. There's always that one guy who gets a flat, burns out his clutch, or destroys a radiator during a small tip over. (Actually, in my group that's typically the same guy.) A damaged radiator is one of the biggest pains. Mostly because you either have to buy a costly OEM unit, or if you're lucky your stocker might be repairable, which still results time and expense. After I started racing off-road, I needed to do anything I could to keep the bike in one piece for the longer races. Read More »

Troy Lee Designs 5955 Chest Protector

Vital Review

“Tested: Troy Lee Designs 5955 Chest Protector”

Review by Michael Lindsay // Photos by Joe Carlino At one point or another, we've all questioned how much protection we need to wear while riding. Weight and comfort is an issue, as is the ability to keep cool... or maybe look cool. Personally, I've been all over the map when it comes to chest protection. I grew up wearing a chest protector until I was almost 18. Then went without it, before realizing that the roost hurts, so I grabbed an under-the-jersey foam pad to eliminate the pain. I then figured out that the foam padding wasn't quite enough to withstand small rocks flinging off the rear of a Read More »

No-Toil Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax

Vital Review

“Tested: No-Toil Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax”

Review by Michael Lindsay // Photos by Michael Lindsay and Joe Carlino In my personal experience at local tracks and races, I noticed that most people under-rate the use of chain lube. Most riders tend to just give the chain a small spray before they ride in the morning, sometimes just in their garage and not even at the track. Once this is done, they tend to forget about their can of chain lube and just ride moto after moto without giving it another thought. When I ask my friends of this habit, they tend to answer with, "Well, I sprayed it this morning, it's fine!" The way I look at it, Read More »

FMF S/S Aluminum Factory 4.1 RCT Carbon Cap – MegaBomb Header for 2014 Honda CRF250R

Vital Review

“Tested: FMF Aluminum/Stainless Single-sided System w/ MegaBomb for 2014 CRF250R”

Review by Joey and Rupert Pellett // Photos by Rupert Pellett Testing FMF's single-sided Aluminum Factory 4.1 RCT w/ Carbon Cap and Megabomb head pipe (say that five times fast) on a pristine 2014 Honda CRF250R is a chore... well, only if you're a twin-pipe lover. If you're not, then its simpler construction and cheaper price is a God-send. FMFAluminum/Stainless Single-sided System w/ MegaBomb Features: Available with Aluminum or Carbon Fiber End Cap. Single-sided system includes thinner UFO left side panel. Utilizes RTS (Rapid Tuning System). Can and mid-pipe can Read More »

No Toil Air Box Cover

“Solid but could be improved”


The Good:

The cover protects the air intake from the majority of the water being sprayed into the air box while washing.

The Bad:

The rubber seal has a gap allowing some water to enter the air intake.

Overall Review: I purchased the No Toil cover based on price and have been reasonably happy with the performance. The rubber seal, that presses against the air box, is nothing more than a piece of rubber tubing that has been split down the middle and slipped onto the cover. This sealing surface works well except the piece of hose was cut too short and leaves a gap for small amounts water to enter into the intake. Since I do not ride by bike immediately after washing I can wipe down the intake and let everything dry, but i would prefer if the cover didn't allow anything enter the intake. The product is built for a stock air filter cage. Read More »

DT-1 Dual Layer Air Filter

“Best in the business”


The Good:

Does its job, and does it well, high quality all around.

The Bad:

No bad traits, only issue would be the DT1 cleaning system. Oil is great, cleaner im pretty sure is just expensive varsol.

Overall Review: Filter works great, cleaning system from DT1 needs works to take over the market.

X-Trig Preload Adjuster

“Great Product”


The Good:

Makes a job no one wants to do much easier
- lighter than oem preload rings

The Bad:

no bad, easy install

Overall Review: Great product, high quality, looks good on any bike, lighter than cast OEM preload rings.

Mika Metals 7075 Pro Series Handlebar

“Mika: Correct Approach”


The Good:

Good flex, great rider support.

The Bad:

Only black bar color option, didnt bother me as black is what i think looks best anyway.

Overall Review: Used handlebar material to create flex rather than a heavy mechanical piece at the highest point of the motorcycle.

Nihilo Concepts KTM Linkage

Vital Review

“Tested: Nihilo Concepts KTM Linkage”

Review and photos by Joe Carlino Many people believe longer suspension linkage arms are only made for riders of shorter stature, so they can lower their bike's ride height. Yes, it does that. But when set up correctly, it can also be an advantage on the motocross track to improve the bike's stability and eliminate that loose willowy feel of the stock suspension setup. Nihilo Concepts Linkage Features: One millimeter longer than stock. Recommended sag 106-108 mm. Anodized orange. MSRP $219.95 First impressions Out of the box, Nihilo’s CNC-machined piece of art...I mean linkage, really catches your eye. Compared to Read More »