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FMF S/S Aluminum Factory 4.1 RCT Carbon Cap – MegaBomb Header for 2014 Honda CRF250R

Vital Review

“Tested: FMF Aluminum/Stainless Single-sided System w/ MegaBomb for 2014 CRF250R”

Review by Joey and Rupert Pellett // Photos by Rupert Pellett Testing FMF's single-sided Aluminum Factory 4.1 RCT w/ Carbon Cap and Megabomb head pipe (say that five times fast) on a pristine 2014 Honda CRF250R is a chore... well, only if you're a twin-pipe lover. If you're not, then its simpler construction and cheaper price is a God-send. FMFAluminum/Stainless Single-sided System w/ MegaBomb Features: Available with Aluminum or Carbon Fiber End Cap. Single-sided system includes thinner UFO left side panel. Utilizes RTS (Rapid Tuning System). Can and mid-pipe can Read More »

No Toil Air Box Cover

“Solid but could be improved”


The Good: The cover protects the air intake from the majority of the water being sprayed into the air box while washing.

The Bad: The rubber seal has a gap allowing some water to enter the air intake.

Overall Review: I purchased the No Toil cover based on price and have been reasonably happy with the performance. The rubber seal, that presses against the air box, is nothing more than a piece of rubber tubing that has been split down the middle and slipped onto the cover. This sealing surface works well except the piece of hose was cut too short and leaves a gap for small amounts water to enter into the intake. Since I do not ride by bike immediately after washing I can wipe down the intake and let everything dry, but i would prefer if the cover didn't allow anything enter the intake. The product is built for a stock air filter cage. Read More »

DT-1 Dual Layer Air Filter

“Best in the business”


The Good: Does its job, and does it well, high quality all around.

The Bad: No bad traits, only issue would be the DT1 cleaning system. Oil is great, cleaner im pretty sure is just expensive varsol.

Overall Review: Filter works great, cleaning system from DT1 needs works to take over the market.

X-Trig Preload Adjuster

“Great Product”


The Good: Makes a job no one wants to do much easier
- lighter than oem preload rings

The Bad: no bad, easy install

Overall Review: Great product, high quality, looks good on any bike, lighter than cast OEM preload rings.

Mika Metals 7075 Pro Series Handlebar

“Mika: Correct Approach”


The Good: Good flex, great rider support.

The Bad: Only black bar color option, didnt bother me as black is what i think looks best anyway.

Overall Review: Used handlebar material to create flex rather than a heavy mechanical piece at the highest point of the motorcycle.

Nihilo Concepts KTM Linkage

Vital Review

“Tested: Nihilo Concepts KTM Linkage”

Review and photos by Joe Carlino Many people believe longer suspension linkage arms are only made for riders of shorter stature, so they can lower their bike's ride height. Yes, it does that. But when set up correctly, it can also be an advantage on the motocross track to improve the bike's stability and eliminate that loose willowy feel of the stock suspension setup. Nihilo Concepts Linkage Features: One millimeter longer than stock. Recommended sag 106-108 mm. Anodized orange. MSRP $219.95 First impressions Out of the box, Nihilo’s CNC-machined piece of art...I mean linkage, really catches your eye. Compared to Read More »

Hammerhead Designs CNC Rear Brake Pedal with Pro Kit

Vital Review

“Tested: Hammerhead Designs CNC Brake Pedal with Pro Kit”

Review by Thiess Lindsay // Photos by Michael Lindsay Like most riders, I'm constantly trying to become more comfortable on the bike. In the search for comfort, I've found that the placement of foot controls is almost as important to me as the handlebar bend and location. Hammerhead Designs has made a name for themselves by providing riders with the ability to adjust the length and height of their foot controls. This made Hammerhead my source for a brake pedal when I was looking to improve my ability to use the rear brake properly. Hammerhead CNC Brake Pedal Features: Precision machined 6061-T6 Read More »

Kite Footpegs

Vital Review

“Tested: Kite Billet Footpegs”

Review and Photos by Shane Anderson Those of us who have been riding for a long time remember when footpegs were just incredibly narrow slivers of metal. It’s simply the way it was. Eventually, you could get weld-on peg extensions, to give you a wider platform to connect to your bike with. Over time, the idea caught on and wide footpegs became the standard on all modern bikes. Still, there’s something to be said for tailoring your footpegs to your riding style or physical size. The footpeg is a defined contact point between you and your motorcycle and it’s also one of points that energy gets transferred from the bike to your Read More »

Seven SE3 Supra Helmet

Vital Review

“Tested: Seven SE3 Supra Helmet”

Review and photos by Michael Lindsay I already know what you're thinking. "Hey that looks like a Troy Lee Designs SE3 helmet!" Well, you're right. The Seven SE3 is a TLD SE3, with a different paint job (a very good-looking one, I might add). Now Seven's gear is completely different from TLD's, but why is the helmet the same? Simple, it's expensive to develop a helmet, especially a high-end one such as the SE3. So instead of wasting time and money developing a new helmet, Seven decided to borrow the well-known and proven design that TLD had already put the work into. So if you're wondering what we think of the TLD SE3, this Read More »

EKS Brand GOX Limited Goggles

Vital Review

“Tested: EKS Brand GOX Goggles”

Review by Thiess Lindsay // Photos by Michael Lindsay I've heard for a couple years now that EKS Brand is one of the few goggle companies that outfits their professional athletes in the exact same foam that comes in their production goggle. It's been at least four years since someone gave me a pair of used EKS Brand goggles, and I was impressed with how well they have held up over the years, especially since they already had plenty of time on them when I received them. I wanted to know if my experience was typical, or if quality has dropped off, and I was happy to put a new pair to the test. EKS Brand Gox Goggle Features: A Read More »