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EVS Sports Axis Pro Knee Brace

“Not so good on long term ”


The Good:

They are really comfortable at first , not so bulky , nice range of movement and have a good patella protection

The Bad:

The straps are good for a couple months then they start to loose grip. The patella plastic can't take s couple of hits to the ground before separate from the bottom fix point

Overall Review: These were my first high budget knee braces , I was expecting more durability from them ,know after more than a year using them they unstrap every ride and became uncomfortable so I guess I would look for some asterisk or the new möbius for my next ones

EVS Sports Web Pro Knee Braces

Vital Review

“Tested: EVS Sports Web Pro Knee Brace”

EVS started their motocross adventure about 30 years ago with the first-ever MX-specific knee brace, the AMX-5. Since then, they've expanded their line of safety equipment to include helmets, neck support, chest/back protection and more. During this time, they've continued their focus on knee braces and currently offer more than six different options to keep your knees in one piece. For the past few months we've had their newest top-of-the-line model, the Web Pro, on for some long-term testing. EVS Web Pro Knee Brace Features: Utilizes a dual-defense patella cup. Upper and lower frames constructed from Read More »

Hammerhead Designs CNC Shift Lever

“make sure it fits within the 30 day return window”


The Good:

Looks nice

The Bad:

Doesn't fit

Overall Review: I bought it for my 2008 Yamaha WR250R. I purchased the +10 version. I bought it in January. Just got the bike from storage 4/2 and tried to install it only to find it doesn't fit. It doesn't clear the motor. The bolt is also nearly impossible to get a wrench on. It would have been better to use an allen head. The alignment of the bolt is also such that it only fits in one position because of interference with the frame. I bought the +10 because the OEM version is a little tight for my size 12 boots. This lever is actually about a inch shorter than the OEM lever and would have never worked. If you buy one Read More »

Fox Racing Proframe LC Chest Protector

Vital Review

“Tested: Fox Racing Proframe LC Chest Protector”

There was a time when chest protectors were just as much a part of moto fashion as the gear itself. Frankly, you weren't cool if you didn't wear a chest protector. But since that time, moto fashion has evolved and chest protectors maybe don't get the love that they once did. But I believe their need has only increased. Love them or hate them, the modern four-stroke is here to stay, and I think one thing we can all agree upon is that the roost off of those thumpers really hurts. That, coupled with the desire to limit injuries in the event of a crash, causes many riders to look for some sort of protection. Today's Read More »

Pro Taper Fuzion Handlebars

Vital Review

“Tested: Pro Taper Fuzion Handlebar”

For some, handlebars are just a hunk of metal that they hang onto and use to turn the bike. Picky people, such as myself, find that every millimeter difference in the bend, or how the bars flex, can greatly affect how you ride. For the longest time, I'd been a part of the crossbar clan. Whether it was reality or just a mental thing, I seemed to be more comfortable with a crossbar in front of me. But at the same time, I do value the extra flex that comes from an oversized bar without a crossbar. Apparently someone at Pro Taper had the same conundrum. That's where the Fuzion comes in which has a cool feature found Read More »

Dubya Talon EVO Wheelset

Vital Review

“Tested: Dubya Talon EVO Wheelset”

Having a spare set of aftermarket wheels is a bit of a luxury, due to the somewhat extreme prices of the top-of-the-line sets. Quite honestly, though, these were the only option I would have seriously considered, since entry-level wheelsets often seemed to be not only heavier than stock, but also quite a bit weaker. What's the point of buying a shiny new set of wheels, if they're just going to change shape when you come up short on a double? The crew at Dubya recognized that not everyone has the budget to go after the same wheels they build for the likes of JGR or Red Bull KTM. That's why they teamed up with one of the Read More »

Fox Racing V3 Flight Helmet 2015

Vital Review

“Tested: Fox Racing V3 Helmet”

While Fox has been a longtime player in the gear market, some of their safety equipment hasn't always been as top-of-the-line as their gear. In the past few years however, Fox has taken a new approach to their product line and have committed to relaunching the safety side of the brand, which of course includes their helmet line. Part of this relaunch included taking some of the already popular existing products, such as the V3 helmet, and bumping them up a notch. Fox V3 Helmet Features: Contains Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). Designed with a composite shell utilizing carbon fiber, kevlar, Read More »

Leatt C-Frame Knee Braces

Vital Review

“Tested: Leatt C-Frame Knee Braces”

Growing up racing, I was lucky enough to have parents that kept me in the best safety equipment possible. Because of this, I've been in knee braces since I was finally big enough to jump in to Asterisk's smallest knee brace, the Cell. Since then, I've never thought about running without them, especially after forgetting my braces one day and trying to ride without them. The downside to Asterisk's original Cell knee brace was its extreme bulk. Because of this, I'm always seeking a thinner profile brace, but without sacrificing the safety aspect. Thus my interest in Leatt's entry into the market, the C-Frame. Read More »

Fly Racing 2015 Evolution 2.0 Spike

Vital Review

“Tested: 2015 Fly Racing Evolution 2.0 Spike Racewear”

Fly seems to be growing more popular with each passing year, becoming a major player in the gear market. The Idaho-based company has a flair for creating products that cater to a broad range of consumers, appealing to both the younger crowd and the ever-growing vet segment. My first contact with Fly gear was about six years ago, and I’m glad to report that their products have improved significantly over that time period. I was presented with the opportunity to test Fly Racing's Evolution 2.0 SpikeRacewear about seven months ago, as we were riding the 2015 KTM 450 SX-F for the first time. Fly Racing Read More »