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Boyesen Supercooler Water Pump Kit

Vital Review

“Tested: Boyesen Supercooler”

You know the drill... the combustion of fuel and oxygen in our bike's engines creates power, and while this reaction propels it through a series of mechanical functions, it also creates heat. The faster you are, or the longer the motos, the higher the heat. At a certain point, the higher temperatures become the enemy when it gets to the point where it decreases power and reliability. Of course, most modern bikes are water-cooled to keep the temperatures in check, but Boyesen has tried to improve one of the most important aspects, the water pump, with their Supercooler. Boyesen Supercooler Features: Two-piece Read More »

Alpinestars Bionic Sb Neck Support

“Alpinestars Bionic Neck Brace”


The Good:

It is awesome!

The Bad:

Nothing at all!

Overall Review: I love this neck brace! It stays in place when racing and I have no complaints! Dean Wilson wore this neck brace a lot back in 2011 when he won his title.

Rekluse Core Exp 3.0 Clutch Kit

Vital Review

“Tested: Rekluse Two-Stroke EXP 3.0 Auto-Clutch”

One of the reasons my KLX110 is such a blast to ride, is because I can just get on and rip the throttle. There's no clutch to worry about, no stalling, and it just makes the bike that much easier and even more fun to ride. The Rekluse EXP 3.0 Clutch brings the best parts of that centrifugal clutch design to my CR250, while retaining all the familiar performance characteristics that I'm used to from my OEM clutch. I'd been hearing a ton of buzz about Rekluse's auto-clutches, while seeing more and more riders from GNCC to even Supercross and motocross running them, and swearing by them. If those guys are Read More »

Thor 2014 Sentinel Chest Protector

“Thor Sentinel”


The Good:

Great chest protector!

The Bad:

Nothing at all!

Overall Review: I love this chest protector! I would highly recommend a chest protector when racing. You will see pro riders like Tyla Rattray and Blake Baggett wearing them! They did a lot in 2011.

Thor Phase Tilt Pants 2015

“Thor Phase Tilt Pants”


The Good:

They are good awesome!

The Bad:

Nothing these pants are awesome!

Overall Review: I love these pants a lot! I got them in blue and they match my Thor Zebratec jersey from 2011. These are the best Thor Motocross pants I have ever owned!

Thor Spectrum Gloves 2015

“Thor Motocross Gloves”


The Good:

Great Gloves!

The Bad:

Nothing these gloves are great!

Overall Review: I love these gloves! I got these gloves in Blue and they match my Thor Zebratec Jersey from 2011. The gloves are padded so that helps a lot when you race! Best gloves I have ever owned!

Galfer SKW Oversize Front Rotor Kit

Vital Review

“Tested: Galfer SKW 270mm Front Rotor Kit”

Over the past few years, larger front brake rotors have become more popular, especially on modern 450s. An aside to this trend has been the increased frequency of floating rotors, which have taken away attention from the good ol' solid-mounted rotor. Until recently, I'll proclaim that I was dead-set on riding the floating rotor train...until I had the chance to test a couple bikes with larger solid-mounted rotors. To give this my best comparison, I grabbed a 270mm SKW solid-mounted rotor from Galfer to test on our 2015 Kawasaki KX450F, which comes stock with a 270mm floating rotor. Galfer SKW 270mm Front Read More »

Polisport Folding Bike Stand

Vital Review

“Tested: Polisport Fold up Bike Stand”

Whether they're constructed from metal or plastic, and are tall or small, we all have bike stands. Aluminum stands are sturdy, but take up a bit of space. The size of your stand may not be a big deal if you're going for a solo ride in your pickup, but if you're hauling a few bikes, then every bit of space becomes important. If you're like me and need the extra space, a folding stand could be quite helpful, like this one from Polisport we've been using recently. Polisport Fold Up Bike Stand Features: Supports up to 550 pounds. Crafted through injection-molded rubber and polypropylene. Weighs just over nine Read More »

Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet

Vital Review

“Tested: Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet”

Fly Racing has been around just short of 20 years and in that time, they've gone from selling handlebars and low-end helmets, to being a top-of-the-line gear manufacturer. Over the past couple of years, Fly has really stepped up with their helmet development; focusing on creating a safe, comfortable, durable, and reasonably affordable level helmet. Considering that Trey Canard, Andrew Short and many more of their top athletes regularly wear and race in the F2 Carbon, I thought this mid-range helmet had to be worth a try. Fly F2 Carbon Helmet Features: Composite construction shell - aircraft-grade woven carbon fiber and Read More »

Race Tech 19mm Shock Shaft Kit

Vital Review

“Tested: Race Tech 19mm Shock Shaft Kit”

At the top level of the sport, suspension with larger sizes and more adjustment are all the rage. But for the average joe, most of these parts wouldn't make a large enough difference to make up for their even larger price tags. To help trim a pro's racing costs, Race Tech developed a 19mm Shock Shaft Kit to give their Supercross/Arenacross riders a bit more safety and the added adjustment found in kit suspension. Recently however, Race Tech contacted us to try this kit on an application that could be beneficial to the public. Race Tech 19mm Shock Shaft Kit: Eight clicks per revolution rebound adjuster allows Read More »