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2008 Yamaha YZ450F


I love my 2008 YZ450F. I have a bills system which is awsome, and the suspension is amazing!!
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Vital MX member bobcat
9662 bobcat,9662/all 04/05/08 4 2 3 7 13 1

2008 Kawasaki KX250F


yeah exactrly what the monster energy kawasaki guy said. its grate. on my last bike, going to rythems, if i didnt land exactly perfect, i would have trouble getting over the rest of the jumps but on my kawi now, i can completely case one of the jumps in the rythems and can still power over the rest. used to, braking bumps are a breeze now also
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Vital MX member ijumpdirthills34
3247 ijumpdirthills34,3247/all 03/27/08 2 20 61 16 1

2007 Suzuki RM-Z450


Hey I own a 07 RMZ 450, first trouble was on a hour 20 when my bikes crank was blow out. Ill made full rebuild new crank bearings engine chain piston and...... Now on a hour 32 my bikes piston was blow to pieces. Anyone have a same problems or my bike is cursed.
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Vital MX member mpuuram
2115 mpuuram,2115/all 09/11/07 2 9 1 1