Excel A60 Complete Rear Wheel

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Product Excel A60 Complete Rear Wheel
Rim Size
Miscellaneous A60 rims are structurally 15% stronger than current Excel Takasago Signature series rims, yet remain the same weight V-curve profile helps reduce mud build up, keeping your bike lighter Can be laced to stock Excel Pro Series or Talon Ultra Lite II hubs Developed to increase wheel strength and durability A60 rim is available in black and characterized by a metallic silver pinstripe along the edge of the rim Stainless steel spokesComplete wheel set includes: Kite billet hub on Excel Takasago A60 rim Kite double butted spokes with billet aluminum nipplesNote: Color availability depends on vehicle. Image for color reference only. Fits vehicles:2009 KTM SX 250;2009 KTM SX 250 F;2009 KTM SX 150;2009 KTM SX 125;2009 KTM EXC 450;2008 KTM XC 530 W (R);2008 KTM XC 505 F;2009 KTM EXC 530;2009 KTM SX 450 F;2009 KTM XC 200 W;2011 KTM XC 530 W SIX DAYS;2009 KTM XC 250 (E);2009 KTM XC 250 F;2009 KTM XC 250 W (E);2009 KTM XC 300 W (E);2008 KTM XC 200 W;2009 KTM XC 400 W;2009 KTM XC 450 F;2009 KTM XC 300 (E);2008 KTM SX 450 F;2008 KTM EXC 450 SIXDAYS;2008 KTM EXC 530 RACING;2010 KTM XC 530 W SIX DAYS;2009 KTM XC 450 W;2008 KTM EXC 530 SIXDAYS;2008 KTM SX 125;2008 KTM SX 144;2008 KTM XC 250 F W;2008 KTM SX 250;2008 KTM XC 450 W (R);2008 KTM SX 505 F;2008 KTM XC 200;2008 KTM XC 250 F;2008 KTM XC 250 W (E);2008 KTM XC 250;2008 KTM XC 300 W (E);2008 KTM XC 300;2008 KTM XC 450 F;2008 KTM SX 250 F;2011 KTM XC 150;2010 KTM XC 450 W CHAMPIONS EDITION;2011 KTM EXC 530 CHAMPIONS EDITION;2011 KTM EXC 530;2011 KTM SX 125;2011 KTM SX 150;2011 KTM SX 250 F;2011 KTM SX 250;2011 KTM EXC 450 CHAMPIONS EDITION;2011 KTM SX 450 F;2010 KTM XC 450 W SIX DAYS;
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