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Scott USA Deuce Grips W/Donut

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
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“Scott Deuce grips”

The Good: Costs roughly as much as a standard set of name brand grips, but you get a much more unique grip with dual layered material and grip donuts. The softer layer allows for firm grip for your palm, while the harder layer around the majority of the grip resists wear while the pattern still allows for a solid "finger" grip. These grips have a harder end material then most, resisting tearing during tip overs and comes in six different color combos.

The Bad: The throttle side grip fits very snug, on some thicker throttle tubes this may cause the grip to split slightly and stretch. The pattern on the grip is unique and changes shape along the grip, this may not work for those who prefer a straight/consistent pattern.

Overall Review:

I'm usually not too big of a fan of changing grips. After years of using a soft single compound half waffle grip I decided to "branch out" and see what other offerings there are. What caught my eye with this set of grips from Scott was the dual layered grip and pattern (a nice plus was the grip donuts for the price). I did notice in installation thought that the throttle side grip was a bit tight on the aftermarket throttle tube i was using. Causing it to split slightly at the end of the grip where the layers came together, but through my continued riding the small split did not grow any worse and was not noticeable. The softer material in the palm area (and a small patch for your thumb) allowed for great traction, while the harder area surrounding the majority of the grip did not have as much traction it had a unique pattern and ridges that allowed for a nice amount of grip for your fingers while not wearing out quickly. They also have ample sized grooves for those who like to wire tie their grips. After roughly 15 hours of riding time on a set they are holding up quite nicely. Usually I would have been half way through my second set of single layered grips by this time. Overall I would definitely recommend giving these grips a try.

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Vital MX Retail Partners:
Chaparral Motorsports MotoSport Rocky Mountain ATV/MC


Price $12.99
Miscellaneous Soft-density compound in the palm area provides comfort and protection against vibration. Medium-density compound for the half waffle grip pattern provides durability. Dual-density grip. Integrated safety wire channel.
Vital MX Retail Partners:
Chaparral Motorsports MotoSport Rocky Mountain ATV/MC