Flo Motorsports Pro Series 2.0 Foot Pegs Footpegs

Flo Motorsports Pro Series 2.0 Foot Pegs Footpegs dirt bike mag pegs pic
C70_dirt_bike_mag_pegs_pic C70_flo_motorsports_2.0_foot_pegs C70_img_9115 C70_huski
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Product Flo Motorsports Pro Series 2.0 Foot Pegs Footpegs
Price $129.95
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​Foot pegs are possibly the most over looked parts on a bike but one of the most important parts. No matter how much power your bike makes, it means nothing if there is no control of the bike . You probably haven’t given much consideration to you’re footpegs before, but pretty much all professional AMA  supercross , motorcross  and off-road riders ride with aftermarket footpegs  for a wider platform, more grip and overall control of the bike . Our Pro series Flo Motorsports Foot pegs will offer all of the above plus some more.We put them through some of the harshest testing and terrain on some of the top pros bikes in the world.with nothing but positive feed back from riders like Matt Lemoine , Billy Laninovich, Cooper Abbot just to name a few . Our pegs are constructed from highly durable 7075 T6 alloy making them much more durable then some standard 6061 T 6 that many competitors use on the market.

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