iBooster Ignition Performance System 8

The iBooster has actually been around for several years, but was previously known as the iCAT. According to the company, the iBooster is supposed to: make for easier starting; provide more torque, more power, and quicker revs; improve burn at all RPM levels for “works” style throttle performance. Basically, the iBooster is supposed to make your engine perform better.

iBooster Ignition Performance System

The little device works by increasing the amount of time and intensity of the spark, therefore making a more complete combustion within the cylinder. This is supposed to translate into less residual fuel and more power.

We installed the iBooster F1 on our trusty 2005 YZ125, and first and foremost, were impressed by the ease of installation.

    • 1) Simply detach (unscrew) the sparkplug cap from the ignition wire.
    • 2) Attach the threaded portion of the iBooster onto the ignition wire.
    • 3) Attach the sparkplug cap to the open end of the iBooster cable.
    • 4) Reattach the sparkplug cap to the sparkplug.
    • 5) Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re done!

    The iBooster installed on a YZ125.

With the iBooster installed, we headed out to the track, and upon firing up the bike there was immediately a noticeable difference in the sound emanating from the exhaust. I had been a little skeptical about the product, so the crisp, clean note I heard was a pleasant surprise.

On the track the throttle response is markedly more responsive throughout the RPM range, just as the company claims. It is hard to say, without the use of a dynamometer, if there is an actual increase in power or torque. However, with better throttle response and more consistent builds through the RPMs, the little YZ125 performed better under a load (seat bouncing; hills; tight, rutted corners).

Before installing the iBooster, I had experienced an occasional bogging issue on the YZ125 at high RPMs that was jetting related but I had yet to figure out. After adding the simple device, the problem seems to have been alleviated, so the carburetor will be left alone for the time being.

So how could something that is so easy to install actually improve the performance of your machine? Well, pipes and silencers are pretty easy to install and they can make a world of a difference. Plus they can cost more than ten times the price of the iBooster. For around $90, you receive a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Motosport.com  Price: $88.99 - $116.99

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