Fly Maverik Boots

The push the limits of feature and function at an unbelievable price. A genuine leather heat shield, anti-dirt repelling top gator, molded impact resistant shin plate and 's original-design easy action buckles, top a list of standout features. Stand up and be a maverick, wear the Maverik boot.

  • 3D Shin Protection - Pre-shaped for comfort-molded plastic adds impact protection.
  • Elastic Gaiter - Provides a comfortable rim around your calf while sealing the opening from debris.
  • Adjustable Quick Lock Buckles - Secure buckles with a solid locked in feel and an open design keeps dirt from clogging the function.
  • 3D Molded Shift Protection - This plastic molded panel saves your boot from premature wear. Don't miss a shift with the added grooves and texture to aid in grabbing the shift lever.
  • Steel Toe Guard - Gives that finished look and protects the front of the sole from delaminating.
  • Leather Heat Shield - No more burnt plastic with this leather heat shield. Leather is long lasting and won't melt.
  • Articulated Rear Ankle - Gives the subtle flexibility to bend your foot down but still remains supportive.
  • Inner Ankle Protection - Made of durable and flexible plastic this panel keeps you close to the bike with a protective shield between your foot and the elements.
  • Top Grade Leather - There is no better material than leather to protect your skin. We put it in all the right places to provide strength and flexibility.
  • Race Sole with Steel Shank - This internal steel shank is laminated into the length of the sole. The steel provides the rigid strength needed during the impact and stress of motocross.
  • Replaceable Sole - Replaceable through any boot repair shop.

Price: $99.99 - $109.99

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