Time Warp: 1973 Honda RC250 and 2012 Team Honda CRF450R 2

Gary Jones with a Honda RC250 on the left, and Team Honda Muscle Milk factory CRF450R on the right.

Gary's racing (and winning) in the 60+ Expert class, and he charges, which you'd expect from a multi-time National Champion.

Normally this bike resides in a climate-controlled museum. Not this weekend. It was back in its natural habitat.

The rider's view of the RC250.

Lots of exotic materials all hand-massaged to work together.

Check out how narrow the pegs are, the cable-operated drum brake pedal, and the downpipe.

How about this chain guide, and how the twin shocks had been moved up for more travel. Things have changed a lot in 40 years.

For the Vet Worlds at Glen Helen, multi-time National Champ Gary Jones got to ride a current factory Honda, almost 40 years after winning the 250 crown on a Works 250. We had him run us through just how far they've come.
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  • jimmie

    11/6/2012 2:12 PM

    Yeah, that was pretty dang cool. Gary is a great guy and is still very fast, even for an old dude.

  • ssraccent

    11/6/2012 9:39 AM