Tagger Designs/Bell Moto 9/VitalMX Collab 1

Tag Gaspirian has become a household name for custom painted motocross helmets, but that did not happen over night.

This is one of the stands used for base-coating helmets. That is eight years of paint build-up.

Some vinyl designs are laid out on a computer and then printed to be used for masking later on.

This is the VitalMX Bell Moto 9 in the earlier stages of the process.

Aside from logo placement and some color suggestions, we gave Tagger free reign for the design.

Here it is, the first custom painted VitalMX helmet.

This Bell Moto 9 has detail in every millimeter of the design.

Tagger (as is "tagging" for graffiti) threw in some street graffiti flair all around.

If this paint job doesn't catch your eye, you might be color blind!

Yep, Tag hand drew a few VitalMX logos in a few places.

A huge Vital icon on each side of the helmet should stand out on the track.

We're pumped with the final outcome of this Bell Moto 9 Carbon. Thanks to Bell and Tagger for putting together such a sweet lid!

Sorry Tag, we know it's your baby, but we're taking this bad boy to the track!

When we decided it was time to do the first VitalMX custom paint job, Tagger Designs was on the shortlist. Afterall, the studio has become a go-to source for custom lids, but it hasn't always been that way. After handing our Bell Moto 9 Carbon over to Tag Gaspirian, we spoke with the SoCal artist about his past, present, and a bit of the painting process that it took to create the VitalMX custom lid.
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  • fcr

    9/2/2013 11:17 PM

    I like the style Tagger does.

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