Photo Gallery: The Nest, Goat Farm, and MTF - Adam Cianciarulo

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Photo Gallery: The Nest, Goat Farm, and MTF - Adam Cianciarulo - Photo Gallery: The Nest, Goat Farm, and MTF - Motocross Pictures - Vital MX

For our second week in Florida, we spent our time between The Nest (Villopoto's ex-property) with Adam Cianciarulo, Christian Craig, Trainer Blake, and Eric Grondahl...Ricky Carmichael's Goat Farm with Joey Savatgy, Gavin Faith, Jace Owen, and Gannon Audette...and then a quick stop at the original MTF (Millsaps Training Facility) to shoot with Justin Barcia, Lorenzo Lorcrucio, Jordon Smith, Anthony Rodriguez, and Cole Thompson.

Credit: Michael "ML512" Lindsay
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