Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship: Red Bud 5

Can we get a Red Bud? Click the full-screen button on the bottom right to get the best experience. Check out the action, and listen in with the top riders and others, as they talk about their hot day in Michigan.

Red Bud fans, patiently waiting for the action to start. They come early, stay late, and make a full weekend of it.

You're listening to: Red Bull/KTM's Marvin Musquin, who grabbed the first moto holeshot in the 250s.

Marvin lead the first lap.

You're listening to: GEICO Honda's Justin Barcia. He lead a good chunk of the first moto.

You're listening to: Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Blake Baggett. Blake put on a blistering charge through the pack.

You're listening to: GEICO Honda's Eli Tomac.

The Red Bull/KTM duo of Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen had a good duel going for a chunk of the first moto.

You're listening to: Blake Baggett. Check out his comments, then watch for the full sequence of him clearing LaRocco's Leap. He was the only 250 to go for it.

Red Buuuuuud!

It was great to see Tyla Rattray back with the Monster Energy Kawasaki crew after his broken hand at Hangtown. He's been back on the bike for about three weeks.

Nick Wey had a butt patch and 811 on his sleeve to honor fellow Michigan rider Josh Lichtle, who passed away after suffering a heat stroke at

You're listening to: Red Bull/KTM's Ryan Dungey, who grabbed the first moto holeshot. He also avoided a big crash that happened behind him.

You're listening to: MotoConcept's Mike Alessi. He tangled with Tyla Rattray in the first left-hand sweeper, and hooked hard right. That left several riders on the ground, including him. Check out the left sideplate. He came back to 11th in the first moto after picking himself off the ground.

Jake Weimer (Monster Energy Kawasaki) scored a second in the first moto, and likely would have been on the podium at the end of the day, except for a second moto crash. We're digging the style here.

Justin Brayton (Team Honda Muscle Milk) scored a third in the first moto, and combined with his fourth in moto two, he grabbed his best overall ever, with a second.

You're listening to: Team Yoshimura Suzuki Racing's James Stewart.

Red Buuuuud!

Jessica Patterson (Rockstar Energy Suzuki) broke her hand last week, and is scheduled for surgery on Monday. So what do you do in the meantime? Try and grab as many points as you can. She picked up 13 markers, riding mostly one-handed. We watched her off of the ski jump, taking off one-handed, and landing that way as well. How badly is it broken? She said the bone in the center of her hand was overlapping the other half, almost all the way to her wrist.

Ashley Fiolek (Team Honda Muscle Milk) was back in action after getting cleared from the concussion she suffered in Thunder Valley. She picked up right where she left off, leading the way into turn one.

Kasie Creson and Mariana Balbi dicing for third spot early on. Mariana made a stop in the mechanic's area mid-moto, and that left her with a 14th in moto one. Kasie went on to a fifth in moto one, and a third in moto two, for fourth overall.

Sara Pettersson (Munn Racing) nabbed second overall for the weekend with a 3-4 day.

Tarah Gieger (Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda) kept the pressure on Ashley Fiolek early in the first moto.

You're listening to: Davey Coombs. The MX Sports crew were doing all they could to make sure the riders were keeping cooled down. That's Davey's sister, Carrie Jo, delivering a dose of cool fluid.

How hot was it? Check out Rockstar Energy Suzuki's Brent Myron sweating in the heat.

Jessy Nelson (Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda) nailed the holeshot to start moto two.

You're listening to: Justin Barcia. He lead after Blake Baggett tipped over early, but couldn't hold him off. Still it's a lot better than his previous visit to Red Bud, which resulted in a crash in moto one, and a DNF in moto two.

You're listening to: Blake Baggett. Yep, moto two was a lot like moto one. Another win.

Wil Hahn (GEICO Honda) was sixth overall with a very consistent day 6-5 day.

You're listening to: Eli Tomac. Yep, that track was plenty rough this weekend. This is a straightaway section.

Jessy Nelson has been a pleasant surprise this season. He finished just ahead of his Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda teammate, Travis Baker, with a ninth overall.

You're listening to: Marvin Musquin. Check out that Red Bud crowd.

Blake Baggett hanging with his family and crew before heading to the podium. Red Bud was a maximum points day for him, with a pair of first-place finishes.

You're listening to: Ryan Dungey, who got edged out for the second moto holeshot guessed it, Mike Alessi.

You're listening to: Justin Brayton. He disappears off the edge of the ski jump giving chase to Mike Alessi and Christian Craig.

James Stewart and Christian Craig were both coming back from injuries, and spent some time dicing in moto two.

Cole Thompson (out front) finished seventh overall in a great privateer effort. Robert Kiniry (Star-Valli Rockstar Yamaha) took advantage of an off weekend in the Canadian series to race Red Bud, and finish 14th overall.

Josh Grant (Jeff Ward Racing/DNA Energy) had a pair of finishes inside the top ten for eighth overall.

Mike Alessi lead early, but ended up second in moto two.

Andrew Short got caught up in the mayhem in the first moto start crash, and came back to a 12th in moto one, and a sixth in moto two for ninth overall.

You're listening to: Ryan Dungey. He worked his way to the front and took care of business in moto two.

You're listening to: Ryan Dungey.

Broc Tickle (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki) and Kyle Chisholm (Jeff Ward Racing/DNA Energy) duke it out around the top ten. Broc ended up sixth overall, and Kyle was 12th.

Tyla Rattray's return to action resulted in a fourth overall with a 4-5 day.

Ryan Dungey still looked pretty fresh (other than a mouthful of dirt) at the end of a rough day at Red Bud.

Mike Alessi was pretty worked at the end of the day. His back also looked really rough, as he got run over by a few guys in that first moto crash.

You're listening to: James Stewart's answer on how to deal with that blister. Yep, he said pee.

Ryan Dungey laying down a cooling spray of champagne with the very loud Red Bud fans.

Ashley Fiolek grabbed the holeshot for WMX moto two.

The first half of the second WMX moto looked like this, with Tarah Gieger leading Ashley Fiolek. That's when Tarah tipped over in a corner before the sand whoops, and lost a bunch of spots. Ashley continued on to a 1-1 day.

Mariana Balbi ended up second in moto two, and sixth overall.

The crown jewel of the AMA MX season was toasty for the riders and fans, but lived up to its reputation for great action.
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  • Camp332

    7/9/2012 7:43 AM

    I dig it, Gib. I like the fact that if I want to skip ahead, the audio follows along with the pictures. Pretty sure the older ones you did, we were kind of locked into listening to the whole thing.

  • stantdm

    7/9/2012 7:39 AM

    This is a great format to review the race weekend. Thanks

  • neverwasfastenuf

    7/8/2012 11:41 PM

    Good stuff as usual, thanks!

  • BattlezFMX

    7/8/2012 9:13 PM

    Nice work Steve. I liked it!

  • jonjon714

    7/8/2012 9:04 PM

    Awesome work Steve!
    Baggett's sequence was very cool, guy has some serious stones!!!
    Man, Alessi's clutch lever was jacked like his sideplate. Great effort from a guy who's not known for coming through the pack.

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