Inside GEICO Honda 10

Kibby at his desk. Yep, the bike behind him as cutaway plates because it's a dyno mule.

Like Kibby mentioned, all their race bikes start out as production machines. They don't stay that way long. There are race-winning bikes sprinkled throughout the shop. The rig to the left? That's their test hauler.

In addition to weekly downloads at the races, like this one with their graduate to Team Honda, Justin Barcia, they have meetings to dial in their program after each race.

This bike will be Kevin Windham's practice bike soon...and they're already working on the 2013 spec for their race bikes.

Inside the GEICO Honda shop, and Justin Barcia's work bay, which is manned by Mike Tomlin.

How do they keep track of off-season test parts? Sometimes it's as simple as making sure the hubs (like this new TCR unit) are silver, rather than race-spec red.

Pick a powerplant, any powerplant. The GEICO Honda squad benefits from having uniform equipment across the board.

The GEICO Honda engines mix performance and durability.

Kibby is in charge of building spec lists that make sure the bikes are uniform across the board. The only differences are to suit the fit of each rider.

The GEICO Honda squad benefitted from greatly improved performance this year.

Eli Tomac and Justin Barcia kept the pressure for the title on eventual number one, Blake Baggett, all the way to the end.

Kibby wouldn't cop to it, but we feel like the 250s are the F1 of the moto world.

The same Factory Connection West shop that handles all the customer forks and shocks, also handles the race team's suspension.

The GEICO Honda squad swept the East and West Supercross titles this year, and were in the hunt for the outdoor championship. 2013? We'll have to see.

We checked in with Kristian Kibby, the Technical Director of the GEICO Honda squad, to see what they're up to this time of year. Nope, there's no rest for the crews, as they get ready for the 2013 season.
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