First Look: Miller Motorsports Park National Track 9

You're listening to: John Larson, General Manager, Miller Motorsports Park.

This sign is along I-80, and it's cool to see MX figuring in there so prominently.

You're listening to: Track designer/builder, Marc Peters. Here's the full map of the final track. The riders got to demo probably 80% of it, but not the section where it crosses the pavement.

Marc gave us this look at what it was like working through some of the tough conditions during the winter.

Here's a view from the West end of the track looking east.

You're listening to: Kyle Partridge. Here's a chunk of the track on the East end that the riders didn't get to try today.

You're listening to: Landon Powell. That's him floating over the triple step-up. He rode press day at the stadium yesterday, put in hours at Miller on Friday, and will race tomorrow.

You're listening to: Chad Reed. Reedy got to put some laps in on his TwoTwo Motorsports Honda on Thursday, and in a Ford Mustang on Friday.

Get a preview of the Miller Motorsports Park track, and some feedback from guys who have put in laps on it.
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