Bob Weber of 6D Helmets

6D Helmets founder, Bob Weber stands proudly in the company's office lobby. Considering 6D has been on the market for less than one year, they have made quite an impact on the industry.

This is Eli Tomac's helmet from his big crash in the whoops at the Oakland SX. Despite practically lawn-darting into the ground, he came away virtually unscathed.

6D Helmet's design is one-of-a-kind. A two layered EPS foam design and synthetic bumpers are the key.

While the design of the MX helmet is already in production, Bob is constantly tinkering with different tweaks and designs for future products.

Eli Tomac had a stellar second half of the 250 Class Nationals that earned him his first national title, and 6D helmets were on his head for every jaw-dropping lap.

Robert Reisinger was the engineer who came up with 6D's unique dual layer foam and bumper design. From right to left are the many versions of the bumpers that they tested until settling on the final product to the left.

Because of the unique EPS and bumper design, the foam is actually in three different segments to allow for proper alignment of the bumpers during assembly.

Scott Denison (left) and Dominik Vandenberg wear many hats at the small company and help keep things running smooth.

Rick Zielfelder and Mike LaRocco from the GEICO Honda team wanted plenty of information in 6D Helmets before agreeing to use them on the team

When Bob Weber and Robert Reisinger set out to make a new motocross helmet, they were not just looking to make something that looked good. They wanted to reexamine safety and what it takes to properly protect the human head and brain during impacts. The duo came up with a completely unique design that is changing the way we think about safety.
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