2012 Vet Worlds at Glen Helen 5

You're listening to: Doug Dubach, who took Saturday's premiere event, the 40+ Pro class. That makes it 20 titles at the Vet Worlds for him.

You're listening to: Doug Dubach. Alan Olson has worked with Doug for years. Doug was fifth overall in Sunday's 30+ Pro class.

You're listening to: Doug Dubach. The t-shirt on the fan on the side of the track? Old Guys Rule.

You're listening to: KTM's Michael Sleeter. Michael was fourth overall in the 30+ Pro.

You're listening to: Michael Sleeter. He scored a sweet holeshot to start moto two.

You're listening to: Michael Sleeter. His weapon of choice for the weekend? A 450.

You're listening to: Travis Preston. He came from behind to win the first moto with ease.

You're listening to: Travis Preston. Here's the first half of the mess between he and Ryno. (There's more on the next page.)

You're listening to: Travis Preston. This turned into a pride race between the two.

You're listening to: Travis Preston. He finished third overall for the day.

You're listening to: Ivan Tedesco. Ivan had the early lead in moto one. He was suffering from arm pump, and did have a flat near the end of the moto.

You're listening to: Ivan Tedesco. That's Travis Preston lurking in the background.

You're listening to: Ivan Tedesco. Ivan's 2-2 was good for second overall.

Here's your winner of the 30+ Pro class, Ryan Hughes. Ryan didn't sound very confident about his chances after a third in moto one.

Nope, those aren't jersey graphics. Ryno had a rather sizable gash in his arm after a first moto crash.

You're listening to: Ryan Hughes. Ryno was dicing with Travis Preston for much of the moto, until the two tangled.

Ryan Hughes scored the overall win at the MTA Vet Worlds.

Glen Helen's annual shindig for the 30+ set had plenty of action, new cast members, and some serious bar-banging.
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  • GeorgiePorgie

    11/7/2012 9:47 PM

    "Where's the mother F(bleeeep)n Flag man....C'mon, Oh god, don't flag them into the downed guys......jesus H. C(bleeep)t have you flaggers ever raced."

  • motoarmageddon

    11/7/2012 11:07 AM

    "I was soooo much faster than him i just couldnt pass" haha classic excuse

  • Tiki

    11/6/2012 12:42 PM

    Way Cool!

  • Lifesarutt64

    11/6/2012 4:54 AM

    Excellent work GuyB it is great to hear from the top vet racers. No sponsors mentioned=

  • GuyB

    11/5/2012 1:36 AM

    Don't forget to click the expand button on the bottom right to go full-screen.

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