Hi Everybody,
I just want to let all of you know that I'm currently in Italy still fighting my injury that occurred in October 2005. It has been a long journey and the most frustrating thing is that nobody so far can answer if and when I will be able to walk normally again. Since it is such a strange situation it's really hard for the doctors to say what we should do...
The last few months have been the hardest mentally. Not having a clear medical strategy to recover, it was really difficult for me to find where I should put all my focus.
I finally made a decision. I'm the only one that can make a difference in this. I made my mind up. I will fight this thing until it gets better. I have all the odds against me but I will win! I will save this foot and I will ride again with it. I'm going to be such a weird case until the end!
Knowing that there are people all over the world thinking of me give me strength, so I want to thank everyone that always stayed close to me in this difficult time. I will not let you down!
I'll be back States side February 4th. I'm planning to be at the Atlanta SX, I can't wait to see all of you!
See you at races!


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