Something to Look for: New Leatt Adventure Brace 5

If you’d been checking out the Leatt-Brace ads on Vital MX over the last couple weeks, you might have seen one featuring a big question mark. Well, it looks like the question as to what they’re up to has been answered, as we got a new ad from them this morning, featuring the first photos of their new Adventure model.

Leatt-Brace Adventure Vital Motocross

The Adventure offers a bit less adjustability of the front and rear “tables”, has a composite plastic construction, and while it may be lacking some of the Gucci carbon fiber construction of the higher-end models, with a $195 price tag, it takes major strides forward in affordability.

Before you hop in the truck to head to your local dealer, fair may have to wait for a bit, as we hear it won’t be available until this summer.

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