Must-See Photos: Dallas Supercross 30

With Chad Reed and James Stewart battling for second spot during Saturday night's main event in Dallas, James lost control at a very gnarly set of whoops, and collected Chad in the corner afterward.

We caught Chad shortly after the finish, and he said, "I'm obviously frustrated, but then also thankful, just to be able to get back on the bike. That was pretty gnarly. I was in a position where I had no idea what was going on, I just knew that James hit me hard. Obviously your first reaction is, 'What the f*ck?' and you're ready to go kill him. I got back on the bike but unfortunately it was torn up. The seat was hanging off, and as we've seen, James made that mistake. I couldn't grip with the seat, and every time I was gripping with the seat it was moving with me. It was pretty brutal, and I was trying to be smart."

"Then on the last lap I fell down again and lost a position. I'm just so frustrated and so mad at myself. You've got to race to the finish line and I was rolling through the whoops that last lap and just...I can't even think of a good word, I just f*cked it up. I'm so mad at myself."

For his part, James Stewart said afterwards, "I was struggling through the whoops and the corners today, and they were so big and so unforgiving tonight, I started swapping, and feet were off the pegs, and I couldn't stop. I tried my best not to hit him. He was cutting over, and I just slammed him until we both went down, unfortunately.

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Must-See Photos: Dallas Supercross
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Must-See Photos: Dallas Supercross

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