With Ricky Carmichael's return to the 2012 Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship this year, he faced one opponent he hasn't seen in years...a claiming rule that would have given any competitor entered a chance to claim his bike. Rather than take a chance of that happening with a Team Yoshimura Suzuki Racing machine, he opted to return to his roots, and have Pro Circuit build him a bike to take on all comers at Loretta Lynn's.

The gang over at Pro Circuit sent over a build list for RC's new bike, and everything on it is available to the public. They can (and often do) build full-race bikes for all classes, brands, skill levels and rider types. Here's what went into RC's.

Build List for Ricky Carmichael’s Pro Circuit 2012 RMZ450

Part Number





TI-5 Carbon / Titanium Full System w/ Resonance Chamber




Clutch Cover



Throttle Tube



Silver Tank Wrap



Engine Plug Kit



Radiator Hose Kit ("Y" Kit)



Hinson Clutch Basket



Hinson IH/PP Kit



Braking Disk Batfly Front



Braking Disk Batfly Rear



Braking Pad Sintered



Braking POW Bracket



Triple Clamp Kit w/ 1 1/8” Bar Mounts



Launch Control




Camshafts (Intake & Exhaust)



Titanium Exhaust Valves (pair)



Titanium Intake Valves (pair)



Valve Spring Kit



High Compression Piston



Clutch Springs



Head Modification (4-Stroke)



Copper Valve Seats & Installation



Radiator Cap (1.6)




Linkage Arm



2012 Pro Circuit SFF Works Suspension (Fork & Shock)



Turquoise Fork Tube Upgrade



Turquoise Shock Shaft Upgrade


The grand total of all the hop-ups? A very stout $17,066.37, not counting the cost of the stock Suzuki RM-Z450. Want to make any bets on whether this one gets a claim attempt?

Want to build one of your own? Need more info? You can catch Pro Circuit at any of the options below.

Visit: 2771 Wardlow Rd., Corona, CA 92882 between 9:00am-5:00pm PST.
Call: (951) 738-8050.
Fax (951) 738-8065
Email: chris@procircuit.com
Web: www.procircuit.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ProCircuitIntl
Twitter: twitter.com/procircuit78

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  • john1234

    3/5/2013 9:19 PM

    I like your rc bikes. Looks cool!! Loved it!

  • Samantha_Willich

    8/27/2012 7:54 PM

    rc is still the man so stop hateing

  • Steven_Perry

    7/27/2012 9:03 PM

    He would be drinking if he don't have something to do.

  • casedit

    7/27/2012 12:33 PM

    Seems pretty fair to everyone else...not! Let me get this straight, RC is competing against amateurs, on a bike no one still can afford. Does he take a position away from an amateur? I still don't get this whole thing...what is he trying to prove. I used to be a huge RC fan..this is just embarrassing - go enjoy your money and stop ruining the amateur circuit.

  • JBlain619

    7/27/2012 11:07 AM

    Why wouldn't anyone claim it??? $8664.50 for a bike that has all those upgrades...seems like a steal to me. And before you go and try to say I didn't add the retail value of the parts on the bike, read every line straight from the Rule book.

    G. Claiming
    1. All sanctioned motocross and youth meets are claiming
    meets. The claiming price shall be 30 percent over (50
    percent over for Supermini) manufacturer’s suggested
    retail price using the Black Book AMA Official Motorcycle
    Value Guide, Kelly Blue Book or NADA appraisal guide
    and include the complete motorcycle, supermini or
    minicycle. Vintage- and ATV-class equipment shall be
    excluded from the claiming rule.

  • Dsigner

    7/27/2012 11:00 AM

    I thought you could not but this?

  • unknownmxr

    7/27/2012 8:22 AM

    RC could ride a stock bike and someone would claim it just because RC rode it.

  • burnside

    7/27/2012 2:57 AM

    Its a hideous amount of cash, but kind of cool for a motorsport that you can buy machinery to get the job done and be competitive in the pro ranks for under 30k.

  • GeorgiePorgie

    7/27/2012 2:29 AM

    Has the rule always been msrp x 2 at Loretta's ?! I always thought it was book value + 30%

  • Markout

    7/27/2012 12:28 AM

    The idea of the rule is to try and level the field in terms of equipment. You may be reluctant to cheat, or spend 50 grand on a bike if you knew there was a chance someone could buy it from you.

    I wonder how this bike compares to the factory one he has.Anyone have the opportunity to ask him?

  • mikebrownsound

    7/27/2012 2:46 AM

    Rockstar Canidae Suzuki in 2009 had pretty much this bike under the tenth when tommy Hahn was riding it. Chad Reed rode a Honda full blown pro circuit 2 seasons ago, he said its really good and if you have the money to hire bones bacon to do the suspension and the money to hire mitch the bike is really good but there is still plenty of japanese factory parts that they dont have access to.

    But this is the best money can buy pretty much, but a factory bike is still a notch better engine wise and perhaps chassi wise, but i do think bones suspension is almost as good as the factory, at least some of the factorys suspension. The tripple clamps is pretty much the same as stock but more rigid and looks sick. The engine got pc cams, pc piston, pc porting, valves,, but no factory tranny " if not Carmichael took one of hes factory tranny over to pc to put it in, othewise i would guess the transmission is coated like tickles.

    Another funny thing is that the pipes the factory riders rides may look stock but they got tons of variations and i would guess RC´s is the same, Reed get ten pipes / silencers combo to test out each weekend if not even more? But then the big question you ask is perhaps how does the suspension feels compare to a Factory 49 mm Showa forks tuned by Adam from Showa ( factory suzuki suspension master) and how is the characteristic of the powerband, and how light is the bike ? I guess it would be some saving on the weights but nothing like all the Ti bolts the factory puts on to save minor mino weights. And btw the factory suzuki tank looks stock but it is not ^^.

    How do i know all this ? Friend of Josh Hansen and pc Mechanic, some of the other names out there, and been comparing and following the sports bike / privaters vs Stock. PC vs Factory, factory connection vs Factory Honda for a long time now. I love pro circuit and its sick that they can provide a normal person pretty equal to factory parts. I think RC is pumped on hes bike and love to test back to back to hes factory suzuki.

  • hutchy53

    7/26/2012 9:31 PM

    im from australia and was wondering what this claiming rule is ?


    7/26/2012 10:13 PM

    Anyone that is racing against RC could claim/buy his bike and there's nothing RC could do about it.

  • Motocross_kurt

    7/26/2012 11:19 PM

    what thats stupid why is that?

  • GeorgiePorgie

    7/27/2012 2:32 AM

    What's stupid about it ? Bikes people should claim at Loretta's: RC and AC's supermini. As stated above its a rule to deter competitors from dumpIng ass tons of cash into a bike because they know they can damn well lose it.

    You can claim a bike at any AMA event.

  • burnside

    7/27/2012 3:03 AM

    How much would you have to pay? Market value? Or is there a limit?

  • JayCarpent

    7/27/2012 1:58 PM

    Wrong.. He can put in his own claim and keep it from going to the rider who initiated the claim. You might want to read the rule book before you say nothing can be done.

    Also, he can refuse the claim and just lose his trophy and not be able to race for a year. No one is walking away with his bike.

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