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Jimmy Weinert Training Facility (JWTF) Pro Shootout Videos‏
MXPTV captured the raw highlights of the 250 and 450 Pro classes for the 2nd round of the Waffle House Pro Shootout Series at Jimmy Weinert's Riding Park, home of JWTF, in Maysville, North Carolina. Many of the east coast's top pros showed up as well ... more »
Paris Supercross: Sunday Results
Justin Barcia (Team Honda Muscle Milk) finished second on Sunday night, but still claimed the King of Bercy crown.
Paris Supercross Sunday King of Bercy 1.   Justin Barcia 4 2.   Trey Canard 5 3.   Andrew Short 11 4.   Gautier Paulin 12 5.   Cooper Webb 20 6.   Cedric Soubeyras 20 7.   Wil Hahn 22 8.   Gregory Aranda ... more »
Paris Supercross: Saturday Results
Supercross of Paris Saturday Final 1.   Justin Barcia USA (Honda) 2.   Trey Canard USA (Honda) 3.   Andrew Short USA (KTM) 4.   Cooper Webb USA (Yamaha) 5.   Gautier Paulin FRA (Kawasaki) 6.   Wil Hahn USA (Honda) ... more »
Paris Supercross: Friday Results
Final 1.   Justin Barcia USA (Honda) 2.   Trey Canard USA (Honda) 3.   Gautier Paulin FRA (Kawasaki) 4.   Wil Hahn USA (Honda) 5.   Andrew Short USA (KTM) 6.   Jordi Tixier FRA (KTM) ... more »
Oakley Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner Goes Head-to-Head With Rival Dream Builds
Vote for Simon Dumont’s Beast at www.ToyotaDreamBuild.com From Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 Oakley and Freestyle Ski team rider Simon Dumont are asking the ski industry to rally the vote behind the Oakley Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner as it goes head-to-head with rival dream builds
... more »
Vote in the Toyota Dream Build, Help score $50,000 for Moto Charities
Have you seen the Toyota Dream Build? Four teams have taken Toyota vehicles and modified them to build their ultimate dream machine. The public votes on them, and the winner scores $50,000 for the charaties of their choice...in JGR's case, that's the
... more »
Moto 5 The Movie Premiere
What's better than watching a cool new moto flick on your big-screen or computer? Watching it on a really big screen, with a few hundred other moto fanatics, all hooting and hollering at the cool parts. Moto 5 The Movie is premiering soon, and will hit
... more »
The Biggest Crash That Never Happened?
This was posted in our forum, and is fully cringe-worthy. Post by Motocross rideurs.
Red Bull Day In The Dirt 16
What do we love about the annual Red Bull Day In The Dirt event? Well, besides the racing, the course...and the fun camping, hanging out, partying at night, and seeing some friends from the Hollywood stunt community? We dig the poster art. They put some
... more »
Score a Sponsor: DT-1 Filters
DT-1 Filters is now accepting resumes for the upcoming 2014 race season. The acceptance period runs from August 1, 2013 until December 31, 2013. Resumes received after the declared deadline will not be considered for the 2014 support program. All resumes ... more »

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