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Buell Moto Project Canned?
Dave Osterman (left) with two of his former Buell cohorts. After parting ways with Yamaha of Troy before the start of this year’s Supercross season, Dave Osterman was working with Buell on a new project to bring the street brand to the ... more »
Red Bull Motocross of Nations Sunday: Moto 1 and Moto 2
Ryan Villopoto on his way to a first moto win. There's a very short list of riders who have won a moto aboard a small-bore bike in the history of the Motocross of Nations, and you can now add Team USA's Ryan Villopoto to the list, as he dominated ... more »
Red Bull MXoN Sunday: Morning Warm-Up
Ricky Carmichael This might come as a shock, but Ricky Carmichael had the quickest time in morning warm-ups at the 2007 Motocross of Nations. Okay, so that’s not a real shocker, but to make up for that, here are a couple shots from Sunday ... more »
Red Bull MXoN Saturday Team Results
Countries Admitted to Motocross of Nations Races: Team USA South Africa Italy Australia Belgium Germany Portugal France Great Britain Spain Japan Canada Switzerland Ireland Estonia Czech Replublic Sweden Chile Latvia Countries Admitted to the B Final: ... more »
Red Bull MXoN Saturday: MX3 Qualifier
Timmy Ferry. Team Monster USA's Timmy Ferry got a great start in this one, though Aussie Michael Byrne and Joaquim Rodrigues snuck by him at the end of the start straight. Timmy eventually worked his way by, and cruising to a solid win. After ... more »
Red Bull MXoN Saturday: MX2 Qualifier Results
Ryan Villopoto. Team Monster USA's Ryan Villopoto led this one from start to finish, winning with a huge lead. Team Italy's Antonio Cairoli had to work his way through the pack, but eventually finished second. South African Gareth Swanepoel ... more »
Red Bull MXoN Saturday: MX1 Qualifier Results
Ricky Carmichael and Grant Langston. Click the image for a wallpaper-sized image. Team Monster USA's Ricky Carmichael took the first qualifier after leading early, having a small crash. Once he remounted (the bike was still running), he repassed ... more »
Red Bull MXoN Saturday: MX3 Free Practice
Timmy Ferry. Team USA's Timmy Ferry easily topped the MX3 practice. 1 Timmy Ferry (USA/Kawasaki) 2:08.781 2 Ken De Dycker (Belgium/Honda) 2:09.917 3 Michael Byrne (Australia/Suzuki) 2:11.315 4 Yoshitaka Atsuta (Japan/Honda) 2:11.786 5 Julien ... more »
Red Bull MXoN Saturday: MX2 Free Practice
Ryan Villopoto. Ryan Villopoto showed some serious speed in the second practice, while Ben Townley missed a portion of it after crashing hard. Antonio Cairoli's bike made it out of Customs, and he was third-fastest. 1 Ryan Villopoto (USA/Kawasaki) ... more »
Red Bull MXoN Saturday: MX1 Free Practice
Ricky Carmichael. Here’s the top ten in the 40-minute free practice for the MX1 riders. Check out the gap between Ricky Carmichael’s time and the rest of the competitors. 1 Ricky Carmichael (USA/Suzuki) 2:05.817 2 Chad Reed (Australia/Yamaha) ... more »

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