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Genoa Supercross
Antonio Cairoli took the win, though Jake Weimer looked to have him covered early in the evening. Pos. Rider Country Bike 1. Antonio Cairoli Italy Yamaha 2. Fabien Izoird France Honda) 3. Jake Weimer USA Honda 4. Vincent Berthome France Kawasaki 5. Billy
... more »
Northern Ireland Event Company Update
Pat Dunne from www.motocross.ie sent us a link to their update on the financial troubles involving the Northern Ireland Event Company, the group which is scheduled to host the 2007 Motocross of Nations. Click to check it. www.motocross.ie
Amateur MX Mini O Videos
By now you’re probably tired of turkey leftovers, and are looking for something a little tastier. How about some Mini Os video? ThursdayFriday You an also check out the Amateur MX Digital Version for issue 36
Maxxis Endurocross Video Nuggets
Pick from two different videos. Click either of the links below: One lap of the Maxxis Endurocross course with David Knight.Highlights of the Baja Designs/NiteRider night race.
Update: Testing the QTM Oversized Rotor Kit
A while back we gave you a Vital MX video First Look at the QTM Oversized Rotor Kit. After giving it a try on the track, here’s what one of our Vital MX testers had to say… “The installation was very easy. It was only about 10 minutes (without reading the directions) ... more »
Trouble For The MXoN Organizers in Ireland?
Pat Dunne from www.motocross.ie sent us a link to an article which outlines financial troubles for The North of Ireland Events Company, which has hosted the Irish round of the MX Grand Prix series, and brings musical acts to Ireland. According to his article, ... more »
The Secondary Silly Season
We all follow along every when it comes to contract time, and the riders and teams do their annual scramble for talent and rides. But with nearly all of the riders in place with teams for next season, now the secondary Silly Season has been underway ... more »
Antonio Cairoli Tests Rossi's Yamaha
While Chad Reed, Grant Langston, Jeremy McGrath, Andrew Short, and a long list of international competitors were at Bercy Stadium in Paris, Antonio Cairoli was taking the win at the third round of the European Supercross Championship in Milan, Italy. ... more »
Chris Gosselaar Cleared to Ride
One of the shortest debut rides ever occurred at this year’s U.S. Open, when Chris Gosselaar crashed out of the first practice session. It was Gosselaar's return ride on a Honda for the new Troy Lee Supercross team, and unfortunately, he suffered ... more »
Spotted in Hollister: Trick Hubs!
Click for a larger view.   While visiting Hollister for the Wonder Warthog/MDK Tryouts, we spotted these extremely trick-looking hubs on a bike or two, as well as this lone rear wheel. We're working on trying to get some additional info ... more »

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