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Scottsdale/Fountain Hills Riding



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10/31/2012 4:23 PM

Ok, I've been drooling over this video for a since it was posted. How the hell do I find these trails?
I'm assuming it's in the Fountain Hills area somewhere...



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11/28/2012 9:19 AM

I'll take a guess that it's what some people call Dynamite / Pima cross-streets or we use to call Granite mountain, in north Scottsdale. the power-lines there will tingle your hands when you touch your levers.

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12/15/2012 7:57 PM

I think you are correct, it is up in the North Scottsdale/ Rio Verde area. Did not see any houses in the background, so it must be on the Rio Verde side of the mountains. Pretty sure the street wheelie parts were him riding up Pima road.

Have not ridden up there in about 15 years, but that video really makes it look amazing.

I recall a group of us riding those powerlines in the same area back in the mid 80's, it was winter and had just rained but also had some small patches of snow (which is very rare anywhere near Phoenix). So it was freeking cold. We were doing the usual screwing around and racing to pass each other before every big puddle so we could try to splash the other rider. One guy (Tony Gaines) decided at the wrong time to be funny, crested the top of a hill and saw a huge puddle.... Deeper than he thought and ate shit right in the middle. We were laughing our asses off and he had to ride back completely drenched in ice cold water. Good times...



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1/3/2015 9:28 AM

nice and good post


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