2012 RMZ 450 ignition remap plug made my 2009 run better -- all in my mind!?!

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7/5/2012 3:11 PM

A friend let me plug his "rich" 2012 mapping plug into my 2009 RMZ 450, just to see what would happen (My only real mod is a Yosh exhaust system). I could swear that the plug gave it a noticeable boost across the bottom/mid, in fact I overjumped a few jumps the first lap with it. I was at the end of the day, it was stupid hot and I didn't have the energy left to go right back out after riding with the plug. It appears that the new one has six wires, while my old one only has four, so I don't see how it could have made a difference.
Was it all in my head?!?


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7/5/2012 3:36 PM

The plug is a "jumper". In the old days, working on IBM large systems, we would wrap jumper wires on the pins on the backplane of the base card to turn on different features, even to set power supply's for the proper voltage. Thru the miracle of technology, now it's done with "jumper plugs". There is more than one program in the bikes computer, what those plugs do is allow you to access them without needing anything more than just the plug.